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SWO is a community based, charitable and a non profit organization, to fulfill the basic needs of the low income category, and establish a prosperous society filled with moral values, dignity and self respect. Poverty alleviation, Early Education, Environment development and conservation. Human Rights, Community Health Care, youth Empowerment, and Rehabilitation of the differently baled are the key components in our mandate. As a non ethnic and a non religious organization we strive to build up peace and co-existence among the communities at national level. Being successful in executing poverty reduction endeavors,

Being a national NGO, SAHARO has acquired vast local knowledge and the sensitivity to ensure that our activities benefit those that are targeted as we are in constant interaction with the Government, the private sector, other NGOs and community-based organizations, we have built-up a strong network and local as well as international support.

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Karachi, Pakistan
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In Pakistan, an estimated 3 million victims of the worst floods in 80 years are searching for hope. Hundreds of thousands have lost their homes, drinking water is filthy and contaminated, and food is scarce. One look at the devastating images of men and women walking through brown water up to their chests makes all of us feel grateful for our comfortable ? and dry ? homes.This is a humanitarian crisis, and one should really not consider the nationality of the families dieing due to such a crisis. It is so unfortunate that people are considering nationalities when giving aid to individuals including little children. I think this is an opportunity for people, regardless of race, religion or color, to unite.