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Jun 5 2014 08:08
Benefits of QuickBooks hosting with Hitech CloudHitech Cloud Services has made QuickBooks hosting more innovative by including many prominent technologies giving extra advantages than other hosting providers. The company has included cloud computing infrastructure so that all major benefits of cloud computing setup gets inherited to QuickBooks hosting environment. Below are the key points where Hitech Cloud leads among the QuickBooks hosting companies:Flexible Access: The major benefits of QuickBooks hosting is its global access. The application can be accessed from anywhere and anytime in the world. Hence, the accounting operations like: accessing and using company files, getting reports printed, checking business activities can happen from almost anywhere.Reduced Cost: With Hitech Cloud QuickBooks hosting, accounting professionals can expect a very cost effective hosting solutions along with innumerable benefits. Hitech Cloud enables users to cut down their IT infrastructure cost of QuickBooks usage by giving them the complete QuickBooks usage solutions. Among application hosting providers, Hitech Cloud has offered the hosting services with a very lowered price.Efficient Printing Solutions: QuickBooks hosting has never been far from printing issues. But Hitech Cloud has fixed this issue for forever by using Universal Printing Solution so that users could the best printing experience while using QuickBooks hosting server. The Universal Printer is compatible with kinds of local printers at the client ends as well as any kinds of operating systems like: Windows, MAC and Linux.Data Reliability: Being QuickBooks company files a very critical data, Hitech Cloud practices with a very comprehensive backup solution so that the important data is always backed up to avoid any data loss fear. Moreover, the regular backups are not chargeable to the clients and users enjoy QuickBooks hosting with any fear of data reliability.Secure Infrastructure: The most noticeable benefit of QuickBooks hosting with Hitech Cloud is the most secure QuickBooks hosting infrastructure. Hitech Cloud has implemented the most efficient Anti-virus and firewalls to make the hosting infrastructure covered with latest security practices. A very secure infrastructure practice is the top most priority of Hitech Cloud hosting.Lightning Fast Support: Hitech Cloud has 24X7 support for QuickBooks hosting users, giving them a solid platform for users to contact as soon as they face any problem. The most fast customer and technical supports are offered without any cost.

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Hitech-cloud Hosting solutions is one of the leading and reputed companies offering application hosting services and web development services to clients all over the world. We have the best and secured data centers located in Dallas, Texas and Seattle. We provide services which are adaptable and which can fit to our client’s business needs. Our affordable pricing and quality services has helped us to achieve best position in the cloud computing business. Our services are bundled with robust and high speed server facility. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to customer satisfaction, we believe in delivering the best and ensure our clients are satisfied. Small and medium sized business all over the world, trust us as the most reliable cloud hosting company. We have team of experts and engineers who are highly dedicated and look after the need of our clients. We have strong data recovery and data backup system through which we provide unparalleled security to our client’s data. We incorporate latest technology in our data security system, ensuring high data stability. We provide exceptional and flawless service so that our clients can access their data seamlessly. We at Hitech-cloud “Serve you grow” and we stand by our principles.