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The Nutronix Revolution
Feb 5 2011 15:45
The Nutronix Revolution was my first introduction to the possibility of making money online and it is what I consider to be my Primary Business.Truth be told, I joined because of my interest in Sublingual B12. However, once I was exposed to the possibilities of making money from the comfort of my home, I couldn't help but get excited about it.Nutronix offers Health and Wellness Products with this philosophy:"Your body is an amazing healing machine. Give your bodywhat it needs and it will function at an optimal level."In 1999, the Nutronix International founders created a company based on the values of integrity, trust, and sustainability. They began simply with an innovative product offering of premium quality and a compelling and viable business opportunity. But it was the immovable commitment of their distributor leaders that shaped the company into a multi million dollar enterprise that still remains true to its core values.Operating in 60 countries, Nutronix provides a lucrative business opportunity to more than 20,000 independent distributors worldwide. The Nutronix corporate brand demonstrates that they truly have the best people, product, culture, and opportunity in the direct sales, skin care, and wellness industries.From its uniquely empowering culture to its innovative and clinically proven products, Nutronix leads the way with an opportunity that is different than any other.We welcome you to take a look at Nutronix Revolution and discover the "Power of 2" today.

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