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Oct 3 2007 16:35

This is a great opportunity to earn from home. Specially for moms. All you need is to upload videos (personal or download from youtube or revver or other video sharing sites),pictures,audios ,make blogs,create forums and see how your earnings increase.All you need is a google adsense account.If you don't have google adsense register for one as it is easy to open. When you open adsense account google will ask you to submit the url of your site.In that case you can submit apsense as your site.

  The site I am mentioning is 'DADA'. Here in DADA you can earn from your activity in the site. DADA will put google ads in your blogs,videos,images,audios etc. and you will earn 15%of the revenues generated. DADA will put your adsense publisher id in those ads and you earn when someone visits your space. I earned a total of 450 USD till now. Some members are even earning 100-250 USD per day. You can invite your friends to join DADA. When your friends join you will get a share of revenue generated from their personal space.

   DOS and DONT in DADA:  1) Never upload any adult ,porn or violent  images or videos,

                                           2) Never use tags or words which are offensive to the community.

                                           3) Never click on your own/ friends ad as you will lose both DADA

                                                and Google Adsense account.

    Membership is available only by inviatation only. If you are interested you can send me an email at and I will send you the invitation. Thanks:)