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About our Business

Mandura was established with a goal of helping individuals and families:

  • Turn around their overall health situation.
  • Turn around their overall financial situation.
  • Turn from living in debt to living a debt-free life.
  • Turn from having no retirement income to choosing when and how to retire.

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Lyoness your cash back card.

34 countries are now profiting by shopping online with Lyoness!

Europe, Canada & USA

Lyoness is an independent international shopping community, linked by a single country- and sector-spanning customer card that enables Lyoness customers to get their ?money back with every purchase? benefit.

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Mandura Trim
May 15 2010 22:56

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Mandura Juice
May 15 2010 22:53

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Sydney, Australia
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This means a complete coverage of virtually all trade and service sectors on two continents. Approximately 92,3 million items are now available online worldwide, and have up to 30% cashback! The number of partner companies will, of course, continue to grow, and in the future, the discounts will too! Click here for more information