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VIVA WomVegas!
Jun 12 2010 17:37

WomVegas is a free social network website for everyone that has over 100 chat rooms and convention rooms (and growing), and has games to play, and an ad auction to use points to bid on placing ads on pages throughout womvegas with activity points, and provides members an opportunity to have their own chat room(s) and/or convention room(s) to promote or advertise or just meet people.

WomVegas is a business friendly website. However, WomVegas is intended to be more than just about business opportunities and Internet marketers and affiliate programs and MLM companies, so there are some easy-to-follow rules in some of the chat rooms. The only way to be more business friendly than that, would be to allow spammers and robots and pushy marketers to have free reign any where they choose on the website, and that would chase away anybody who might want to hang out for fun and to socialize and play games and have good conversations.

To be a popular long-lasting social network website, there needs to be an appeal to a lot of different kinds of people, who like to do a lot of different things, and use the website for various reasons. It will be very friendly for all kinds of businesses like bands, restaurants, roofing companies, entertainers, freelancers, retail stores, business services, home-owner services, janitorial services, green products outlets, online services, and many more.

MARKETING: WomVegas is NOT a marketing website, and those who want to meet people and play games and have a good time, without selling anything, are very welcome here! However, WomVegas IS a marketing-friendly website, designed to make it easy for those who want to promote something online. There are lots of ways to do marketing, advertising, promoting, and recruiting in WomVegas, HOWEVER, before posting in chat rooms, check the "Chat Rules" posted in each room to make sure you are not in one of the NO PROMO chat rooms in WomVegas, which are set up to encourage casual conversations and meeting real people.

If you owned a vegetable stand, would you want the only people going to your vegetable stand to be other vegetable stand owners?