WomVegas MLM 5 Level Pay Plan
Jun 12 2010 17:46
WOMVEGAS AFFILIATES:>>> Earn $15 - $50 fast start bonus paid daily referring customers and affiliates who upgrade. >>> Win  points playing free 'las vegas' games, keno, blackjack, dice, roulette, click Elvis, taxi and much, much more>>> Getting points qualifies you for max commissions 15 levels deep >>> Monthly commissions 5 levels deep>>> You get points when people in your down-line get points. (unique)>>> Once your down-line is built, it will be possible to get enough points from the activity of your down-line so that you can qualify for maximum commissions without getting points yourself.>>> Even FREE members can use their points for valuable advertising privileges and other things of value to Internet marketers and business owners.>>> There is a quick-start bonus for each of your first level down-line members.>>> Get paid for FIVE levels down.>>> Commissions are paid via AlertPay (a third party company that is free to join).>>> Commissions are paid daily. (within 72 hours of when they come in).>>> There is an infinity bonus for heavy hitters. !! VIVA WomVegas !! Thanks, Levi

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