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FREE Resell Rights To 28 eBay Videos
Apr 29 2010 08:20

My Review Of 'Live eBay Training Videos'

(this course is free and comes with Resell Rights)

For the past few days, I have been searching for videos with resell rights that I can resell in the 'business opportunity' niche.
And no niche is hotter than the eBay niche right now because as the recession deepens, more and more people are looking to make money online (specifically eBay).
One product that I came across is Francis Ochoco's video series titled, "Live eBay Training Videos".

If you've never heard of Francis Ochoco, he was awarded the first ever 'eBay Entrepreneur Of The Year' award a few years ago.
"Live eBay Training Videos" is a set of 28 videos that show Francis selling on eBay in real time.
I am actually surprised that he is giving away these videos for free because it is my opinion that this is the best eBay course I have seen in a long time.

Not only he is giving away these videos for free, but he is also giving away Resell Rights for free.  This means that you can resell these videos yourself and keep 100% of the profits.
These videos are very detailed so it won't surprise me if your 10 year old child starts selling on eBay immediately after watching these videos.
If you have ever purchased resell rights to ebay video tutorials in the past, I'm sure you'll find there was nothing spectacular about them.  (This is because they were created by average joe?s who haven?t had any real success on eBay)

So I should point out that if you are looking for a hot product that you can resell in a hot niche, make sure that it was created by someone that is successful in that niche.
That being said, I highly recommend Francis Ochoco?s "Live eBay Training Videos". 

Best of all, it is free.
To see the titles for each of the 28 videos in "Live eBay Training Videos", go to