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Ever heard of Shvoong. Maybe that sounds weird .. The first time you know because I tried to search on google about how to make money on the internet. Turns out there was Shvoong Shvoong Then what? Shvoong is a summary of the center of the world, so we are in pay if we write a summary on Shvoong, we will not be paid if we only read the summary of the Shvoong but we paid because we wrote a summary of other writers, eg, from books, articles, magazines, newspapers, websites of others, but we must not be copied exactly from the original article. The advantage of the Shvoong is that we are paid on a pay-per-view so it was not based on an ad is clicked on by visitors (pay-per-Clik) Of the royalties received, Shvoong will give each writer a summary of 10% from the royalties on each page where the summary results appear in accordance with the number of visitors who read our summary. The difference again if we want to translate a summary of the whole into a particular language then we will get 5% from the royalties received by the Shvoong and 5% for the sum up to the original text, of course, corresponds to the number of visitors. Wait let alone write so that we also get paid. Ok! http://id.shvoong.com/aff-77884/

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 - megipromotion November 8th, 2010

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