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Oracle Users Lists
Apr 19 2013 06:18

Oracle enjoys a preeminent position in the data management market. Their object-relational DBMS is operated by more than 15 million users, worldwide, while the company’s product list extends to more than 5000 business and data management software products.

Serious Software = Serious Sales

When you choose eSalesData, you gain access to over 60 million B2B Oracle database that are tirelessly verified and updated by our expert research teams to ensure your campaign achieves maximum reach and response. The information banks at eSalesData contain comprehensiveOracle mailing lists of companies that use several Oracle applications including,

  1. Oracle E-Business Suite
  2. Oracle Open Office
  3. PeopleSoft Enterprise
  4. SiebelJD Edwards Enterprise One
  5. JD Edwards World
  6. Hyperion Financial Performance Management
  7. Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

As well as several other products and services offered by the Oracle Corporation. They also comprise lists of key personnel at Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies that utilize Oracle software. Our prepackaged & customized Oracle email lists or Oracle decision makers list, segmented on a regional basis, include,

Our Oracle application users list and Oracle users mailing list feature complete business information including, Company Name, Corporate Website, Contact Name and Title, Postal Address, Phone, Fax, Email and Sales Revenues.

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