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SAP Decision-Makers Lists
Apr 19 2013 06:12

SAP, as a leading enterprise application software, sees use in a variety of companies across multiple sectors from Aerospace and Defense to Manufacturing and Retail.

Provider Of Choice!

Backed up by years of experience in the SAP application market we guarantee that no other list provider will add as much value to your marketing campaign.

As can be evinced from our voluminous databases, eSalesData is the SAP user list ‘Provider of Choice’ sought out by the overwhelming majority of application developers and enterprise technology vendors. Our teams of data experts maintain extensive B2B records with critical contact information on hundreds of thousands of top-level management in SAP companies all over Europe and North America.  We also have a choice of cost effective lists of the top 1000, 2500 and 5000 SAP users in Europe respectively.

Our SAP users list include,

·        SAP USERS - North America

·        SAP USERS - Europe

·        SAP USERS - Asia

We also have a choice of cost effective SAP users email lists of the top 1000, 2500 and 5000 in Europe respectively.

Targeted Sales

Our sales lists and SAP users list feature complete business information including,

·        Company Name

·        Corporate Website

·        Contact Name and Title

·        Postal Address

·        Phone, Fax, Email

·        Sales Revenues

No matter what your sales strategy is, eSalesData can provide you with an exhaustive targetedSAP customers list to suit your product/service, as well as a host of auxiliary services designed to maximize your response rates. With updates every 120 days, our guarantee of 85-90% deliverability will put revenue in your pockets and a smile on your face.

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