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My core business is focused on creating and building multiple income streams.

Before I share my businesses with you, let me explain my Entrepreneural  Philosophy. It's important to face the realities of the present career and business environment. The days are gone where you can join a big corporation and have job security for the rest of your lives.

The evidence is starkly clear as we face the current global financial meltdown ( October 2008 ) . More pains are yet to come down the pipeline before it gets better ...... over the next 18 - 24 months.

With that said, it's just as risky building a business online. We all have seen them come and go even at the best of time. Good ones are far and few in between.

So creating or building multiple income streams provides you the safety net. If one business don't pan out, then at least you still have income flowing in from the others. This strategy is extremely crucial and prudent for your long term success...... your ticket to financial freedom.

My core businesses are informational  products and or services. In these, you have the advantage of low start up costs and fast payments. Isn't that what the masses crave for?

In any business, you can have the best products and/or services but if you cannot sell them, you're dead in the water. So the key is to create traffic for them and then convert them into sales monetization.

MLM, Affiliate Marketing and or Internet Marketing is front and centre of your success ultimately. If you dont have that in place to monetize your products and services, then you are just spinning your wheels! Basically you're not making money.

Below are the businesses ( located on the sidebar) I am currently involved in. More will be added as we move forward. Those of you who are reading this are welcome to share and contribute your ideas and philosophy on your businesses.

I look forward to help and even join you if I feel that your business (es) is in alignment with my vision. We can become partners in certain areas that are of mutual benefit. We cannot be successful alone. We need a network of people of the same mindset.

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Michael is successful both online and offline. I am most impressed with his philanthropy and giving-back-to-society activities. I am most honoured to be his contact in APSense.
 - bronnamdi May 31st, 2015


Michael Keong
North Vancouver,BC, Canada
An over achiever who is willing to continue to grow and learn from other professionals. View Profile
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