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Made Up Memories
Dec 10 2008 06:08
Create fun, customized videosto share with friends and family! Simply choose a video from the page options above and upload a photo. (You can see examples of how your video will look on each page) You could be this season's hottest holiday toy, featured on the local news. Or watch as your child becomes a comic book super hero fighting the evil spaghetti monster. Or a princes in an animated fairy tale playing hide and seek. When your done, share the video with everyone you know. Even download it and save it to your desktop forever - it's free!

Turn Someone Into The New Holiday "It" Toy! 

Make yourself the hottest new toy of the holiday season:

Upload someone's picture in this very funny spoof video about holiday "it" toys like Tickle Me Elmo and Furby that keeps getting better every time you see it. It is free and fun! Click here to make your holiday video!

Make Your Son The Super Hero That Saves The Day! 

He can be the star of this super hero video:

Upload your son's picture in this non-stop action comic strip about a super hero for little boys. It is free and fun! Click here to make your super hero video!

Make Your Daughter The Storybook Princess! 

She can be the star of this princess video:

Upload your daughter's picture in this amazing illustrated storybook about a princess for little girls. It is free and fun!Click here to make your princess video!