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iWowWe Compensation Plan

The comp. plan is called the Cooperative Compensation because IWowWe don't believe in competing with others to make a living but in building wealth together as a team. The phase of iWowWe's system provide lifetime rewards for taking action within your first 30 days, and then builds a bridge to your ultimate income and financial security.

Affiliate Program, and a Forced Matrix compensation plan. Over a 50% payout. The cost to join as a Premium Affiliate is $195.00 which includes your first month of 100 participant video conferencing and your Custom Affiliate Templates, Videos, Banners and Marketing Material. When someone you refer joins as a Premium Affiliate you will make $50 as a fast start bonus.

01: Fast Start Enroller's Pool: Like lifelong profit sharing
Earn a share in this pool for sponsoring 4 Premium accounts in your first 30 days and keep it for life!

02: Fast Start Sponsor’s Pool: Helping others has its rewards
Earn unlimited shares in this pool when one of your Personals get 4 Personal Premium accounts in their first 30 days!

03: Fast Start Eagle Club Bonus: Ongoing Bonuses Always Available To You
Each month, all Affiliates with a Premium product package can earn $100 for every 4 new Premiums they enroll. This provides outstanding control over the amount of money an Affiliate can make from the very start and beyond.

04: Personal Sales: Immediate one-time cash commissions for you
Receive a commission every time you personally sell a product package.

05: Team Sales: Leadership pays, and pays well!
Every new product sale in WowWe generates two Team Sales Commissions (Initial and Secondary) up through the Sponsorship Line to the next leader.

06: Matrix Commission: Your ongoing "401k-like" income
Realize massive earning potential with a structure of over 29,000 income-generating slots.

07: Pay Matching Commission: Matching the efforts of your team down 4 generations
Enroll new affiliates and qualify to receive a composite 100% bonus that matches the matrix pay of those you personally enroll and those that they enroll down 4 generations.

08: Luxury Lifestyle Bonus: WowWe Delivers on the Dream!
Cash for cars or fabulous vacations twice a year… WowWe will help you realize these dreams just for achieving success. Never pay for another vacation again and enjoy special Dream Vacations with WowWe corporate executives and other Field Leaders.

09: GFC Infinity Bonus: Powerful Bonuses that Extend your Infinite Earning Even Farther!
Reach the highest ranks of leadership and extend your income from well below your organization… potentially without limit!

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