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Virtual Metal Detector - The Genuine Prospect Picking site for Internet Marketers

We are ordinary people looking for golden opportunities to earn genuine cash on the internet. We have been collecting the very best we can find for a long time now and like you, we have been ripped off and found some crazy things but we also have found the very best there is and want to share it with you, totally free.

Each week we update the site with any new and profitable places that we have tried and tested thoroughly and if we don't like it, .... its not on our page. You can bookmark us and not be worried about being bugged by us, just pop in each week and see what new unmissable internet cash making sites and products we have discovered and tried. If its good you are safe to go and have a look.

There will be new banners added as the sites are approved and of course new products and video instruction sites to help too.


Virtual Metal Detector




Always check out out D.O.T.W - Each week a brand new offer will be given to VMD visitors exclusively. The Dea Of The Week is time sensitive and is a totally unbeatable deal usually of an incredible $5 for software, e books, whole sites and other saleable or useful goods that genuinly are the lowest price you will ever find them and they ARE going to be gone in just 7 days at which time the price will go back up and the product is replaced with another new deal. If you want or need the product ... grab it quickly while you can. If you would like to be prompted when a new D.O.T.W arrives, please sign up to the  VMD weekly mail out on the main page ( we will keep your details completely confidential)

Virtual Metal Detector

At Virtual Metal Detector WE do the prospecting and YOU get to mine the golden nuggets!
We don't do MLM or any of the other crappy “Get Others Rich Quick” schemes here, only honest to goodness, genuine, profit making opportunities.
If we're not actively participating and /or recommending something then it won't be listed. If we didn't make any cash we won't recommend it!
Even if you don't have a website, web domain name and webhost (although we do recommend you get one and make an investment in yourself and your future), you CAN make real cash on the internet.

Thanks for reading

Regards June Macfarlane - Virtual Metal Detector

Virtual Metal Detector











My Diet Site

In the past twenty years I have worked within the diet industry. At first learning and practising all the various ways of maintaing a healthy body weight. After finding many of the 'so called' solutions to losing and maintaining weight, I began my own research and became obsessed with learning how to achieve a healthy diet and at the same time lose weight and maintain that weight loss. I then began to share the information with others and began to collate all the knowledge I had accumulated and write diet books. I set up a business with partners in 1998 called 'Changes' and we had a lot of success until 2005 when the team split up for various personal reasons. Since then I have continued with the business and help hundreds of slimmers weekly in my own classes.

In 2006 I was introduced to the world of websites and internet marketing by my friend Al McGourlay. His imagination and enthusiasm was very infectious and he has helped me tremendously by launching my first website with its very own free advice and member forum which I am very proud of. I visit my forum daily and it is open to anyone wishing to take a look. I am on hand for any dieter that just needs a little advice or support and I do this without gain as I love to help and share with people. I benefit from seeing the difference my advice can make and the relief people have when they finally see that they can lose weight without starving or crash dieting. Also at my site are my diet books which are The Ultimate Metabolism Diet & The Chocolate Diet. These are my very own quality Ebooks that are not available for resale. They contain the secrets I have worked very hard to learn about weight loss and they have and continue to help people lose weight successfully. My books cost very little and are both under $10. Priced this way so that they are affordable to most dieters. I have no hidden costs anywhere and my site is as Honest as you will ever see.

Since joining my good friend Al in the new and exciting world of internet marketing I also decided to branch out a little and get a NEW and entirely different website. Al and I found that people like myself, just learning, just setting up and needing all the help they could get could use a site that had good advice on what works and the best places to help online business and also a place to get products for less than they normally would be on sale for in the general market place. Products and downloads that would be useful and top notch. We then go out and buy them and have a mad weekly sale called 'Deal Of The Week'

This site is free, informative and fun. We search and bring you the gold and the site is called Virtual Metal


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