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Asmak Yasin - The Power of Yasin is NOW RELEASED
Oct 4 2010 04:41
Description of Asmak Yasin

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Preview on Asmak Yasin

Asmak Yasin is a kind of program to have metaphysics power faster. It is automatic, means that, though it is used continuously, the metaphysics power will be recharged and will never vanished. There will be no contradiction even though you join perguruan tenaga dalam (Inner Power) or any other martial arts activities. Indeed, it fully supports the power. There is no prohibition at all, but principally, it will be much better if our behaviour is in accordance with the norm/corridor/or religion.

This knowledge is not for arrogant behaviour and showing-off the power. For sure, the energy that we have transferred is such an inner force that is powerful. Asmak Yasin is originated from high, pure, and holy inner force. Therefore, It is not from evil power, jinn, or satan, but it is from the faith of relentless and sincere hearts to find our assurance of the Greatness of our God. Asmak Yasin can be helpful in achieving our will, but it is not decisive one. If you learn this Asmak Yasin, we provide instructions on how to use Asmak Yasin to fulfill everyday needs both physically and spiritually. Moreover, when you have got the initiation of Asmak Yasin, the benefits and the virtues of Yasin will be stronger and you will be more interested. nyone can have it (man and woman).

The benefits of the core aura of Yasin

Asmak Yasin aims to make your body and soul (and your family) healthy, to strengthen yourself from many dangers, and to heal yourself and other people from any illnesss (either common illness/medical or physical and also non medical or metaphysics which uses the power of the jinn, Satan, or other mystical things).

In achieving something successfully and profitably, it needs motivating factors. In this case, Asmak Yasin Power, which has been activated here, can be a tool to accelerate the way for success, goals, productivity, and many others.

In addition, Asmak Yasin can bring in hot or cold air through the palm and have many benefits, for example: Help for self healing; Help to heal other people (if the patients are in warm condition, then we have to transfer the cold, and vice versa, for any illness); Distance-healing; Blessing power; For healing the illness or making potions, security, making massage oil or fracture oil, for visiting or cutting mysterious trees or throwing away the negative energy potential (disturbing evil jinn) from the areas, enhancing mental force that can be used for distance stroke (defensive), distance enemy locking (defensive), distance clearing of the enemy?s power, improving inner force such as self-defense from any disturbance both physically and metaphysically, self-protection from black magic, witchcraft, and charm, removing troubling spirits from the house, protecting houses, families, relatives, gardens, companies (Magical Protector Line) and defending livestock in order to be healthy and safe from any mischief, and also empowering physical force such as increasing the body power to be able to stay healthy and fit; Neutralizing the magic incantation that has been put in the stores/stalls/trading places and so on.

Process and activation

We will activate Asmak Yasin into your body either from far or close distance, and you will directly feel the vibration and will not feel any negative effect on your body. Asmak Yasin can generate metaphysics power quickly and it needs only a short period (45 minutes to 1 hour, more or less). In the activation process of Asmak Yasin, you will be given Basic Surahs and special Dhikr in certain amounts that have to be read before inserting the Asmak Yasin energy. After the activation process has finished, you can have your metaphysics force or power that can be used any time and any where. At the same time, you can also feel the vibration as the effect of the activation of Asmak Yasin.

Signs after Activation

Your palm will be warmer or colder or quivering, or your fingers and hands will shake, or your body trembles, and next, there will be some movements, dances and other else.

Levels of Asmak Yasin

There are only two (2) levels of Asmak Yasin, Practioner Level and Master Level. You would be able to teach and share Asmak Yasin ? Practioner Level, if you took the Asmak Yasin ? Master Level. This Master level can be taken at once without going through the practioner level.