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Divine Frequency Bioenergy
Oct 1 2010 01:49
Divine Frequency Bioenergy

Etymologically, the term bio comes from the word meaning of Bios which means life. Energy means power/strength/potency. Frequency is a vibration/ an electromagnetic energy. While divine means god or deity. The life energy itself comes from Allah; even it can be considered about that its essence (the life energy) is a part of Allah himself. Because of his mercy, Allah emits his life energy to his entire creature including human being in order to be alive. Hence, this life energy including to humans? is holy and immortal and will come back to its source that is Allah. 

Essentially, since it was born, every living creature in the world will get it (the life energy) from Allah in order to experience its life. Without it, any living creature in the world, such as genie, animal, plant, stone, and soil including human, cannot experience or survive in life. Unfortunately, not every body can maximize the use of it in the broader application. People in general are either conscious or unconscious, making the use of energy for moving, walking, talking, eating, working, and other scientific human activities only. Whereas, beyond of those uses, this life energy can particularly be employed in the broader use either naturally or divinely based on Sunnatullah, such as self treatment from illness, increasing economic welfare, safety and etc. Especially for human body, the life energy working process is sustained by two (2) big robotic generators of the body, among which are: 1) The body robotic generator, such as physique, breath, blood, five senses, mind (capacity of brain) and etc, and 2) The soul robotic generator, such as spirit, conscience (clarity of will and conscience) and etc.



For anyone who wants to maximize the use of life energy in the broader application, he has to be able to improve and clean up the means of the two (2) big generators in his body as the main support of the life energy performance in the body. But sometimes, not each person can do it himself about the improvement process and the clearance of the means in the 2 big generators of his body. In this case, for one who can not do it himself may need an assistance from a skilled person or a teacher to hasten in improvement and clearance of the means in the 2 (two) big robotic generators of his body. The assistance process from the skilled person or the teacher is referred to as a generating process (initiation), a certification, an adjustment or other varieties of citation, with various different names, but however it has the same goal.  

Note : If you take this Divine Frequency Bioenergy course, you will receive two bioenergy adjustments at once, both The Divine Frequency Bioenergy-Soft Characteristic and The Divine Frequency Bioenergy ? Contumacy (Hard Characteristic).



It can rise up your confidence and closeness to Allah in addition to giving you a peaceful life as well as patience. At least, you will get reward from Koran recitation of Allah?s name you do; It can increase the cells regeneration qualities in the body which is useful for rising body endurance and soul, mental and spiritual; It can clean up any negative energy in the body, mental, and spiritual which may help to the IQ (intelligential quotient) quality increasing process, ESQ (emotional spiritual quotient), so it is useful for taking right decision in every action and mind (instinct acuity); It can rise up self safety quality either physically or spiritually, such as human crime (criminality, voodoo, magic, hypnotism and etc.), and invisible disturbance (genie, devil, and etc.); And there are still many other uses of it according to the individual self development with varied result by which it can particularly not be determined, except it is Allah?s will, etc.; It can improve the stamina and the health quality of your body from medical or non-medical attack as well as self anticipation from spiritual or physical wickedness (human, genie, magic and etc) ;It can make a house/ factory/ shop magic hedge, and can make self protective fence.