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gTumo Exoteric - Holy Fire Energy - A Cosmic Energy
Oct 1 2010 01:42
gTumo Exoteric

 GTUMO IS A COSMIC ENERGY that enhances the attainment of a person?s spiritual achievement. gTumo serves also to cure various illnesses, both physical and psychological.

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 gTumo means Holy Fire Energy. gTumo is a technique which is believed to be the pioneer of the technique known as Reiki. Unlike Reiki, it does not need to move positions when the laying of the hands is done on gTumo. It only needs to do so on the Medulla oblongata of the patients and on both thighs or chest if done for yourself. Time required for one session of energy circulating is only between 20-30 minutes. gTumo practice can be done directly or remotely without the limitation of time and distance.

gTumo ability is incredible. Many diseases that are considered medically severe is curable. Even gTumo can also heal until the root problems that cause disease, especially mental health problems (psychosomatic). It is known that the psychosomatic disease ranks as the highest complaints in communities, especially urban ones. Although this is a psychosomatic problem of mental problems, it also gives way to the process of the occurrence of the symptoms of physical illness. In addition to matters related to health and healing physically and mentally, gTumo can also help promote the spiritual quality of a person. Basically gTumo is a spiritual technique that was created to help practitioners of meditation to connect with divine energy, so they can more easily reach a certain degree of solemnity. As for other effects, gTumo makes the body of practitioners of meditation strong and healthy to face nature that is sometimes unfriendly. Further development of health and healing effects are better known by the public. As a simple form of healing, gTumo can be learned and acquired in a very short time by just getting Angkur from a gTumo Vajra Master either directly or remotely.

Angkur or alignment or initiation

Angkur is a process of realignment and opening energy pathways in an individual to be more in tune with the energy of the universe, so that once the process is done so the gTumo energy in a person will circulate smoothly. Without getting an  Angkur a person will not be able to circulate the gTumo stream, despite having the manual. However, it does not apply to people who have achieved a very high spiritual level, so that the person automatically has the energy path that is already in harmony with the universe. It would normally take quite a long time to reach this degree. Being a gTumo practitioner through Angkur is much faster and easier. Angkur make a person able to attract the power of nature to him through the chakras, optimizing the energy that existed inside himself and circulate it for healing as well as for a variety of purposes. Unusual sensations felt during the process Angkur students is the same as in the process of Reiki attunements, which arises in whole body vibration, tingling, heat, cold, seeing the light, floating feeling, sweating, etc.. These cases usually occur in people who are sensitive, and often practicing meditation or other disciplines. But there are also some people who do not feel any sensation, which is usually caused by his/her low sensitiveness to overall energy. However, whether it goes along with the sensation or not, the process will still occur perfectly with a perfect Angkur. The process of healing that occurs is not influenced by the perceived sensation. Angkur process is also a process of healing in the layers of the physical, mental and spiritual body of the student.