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Trishakti Amazing Inner Power - there is WITHIN YOU a MIGHTY POWER
Oct 1 2010 01:37
Trishakti Inner Power

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Inner Power, The Greatest Treasure. Inner power is a power originating from inside our body which after being processed with a certain technique the inner power within a person will be aroused and will transmit outward. Each human  already posesses inner power, except that because It is not processed, the inner power is only in the form of potentiality and is asleep forever and will arise spontaneously when we face a danger threatening us, for example a mother may lift a sewing machine or cupboard when there is fire or someone is able to jump to high wall when he is chased by a fierce dog. Or there was a real event when a sixty years old grandmother could lift a car to save her grandchild. You may be wondering what the power is coming out of our body.  


There are three levels of Trishakti Inner Power :

  • Level one, will be discussing about Energy Centres and Seven Auric Layers (Protective Shield), Inner Power Breathing Techniques, The law of Cause and Effect, Arousing Inner Power Distantly by the Master, Benefits of Practising Inner Power, How To Do Exercises of Inner Power, Testing Inner Power, Inner Power for Self Defense, etc.
  • Level Two, will be teaching you about Spiritual Power : Too many people, until recently Spiritual Power is still a mystery. In our day to day life we seldom inspect what we have in our body. Very often we only watch its consciousness. For instance, if you feel hungry, then you eat; feeling tired, then you sleep; being sad, then you cry; feel happy and you will laugh. Very seldom we realize that there must be something invisible that brings us alive. To build the spiritual power inside your body, at least you should know first what elements to process to get the power. You are made in four parts: Spirit , Soul , Mind and Body. And the least of these is Body. Body is the only part that is physical (mortal). The physical Body, held by physical laws and limitations, must perish but the MOST of you, the other three parts, never die. 
  • Level Three - will be talking about Vibrotic Power (Vibrotic Power is a power or energy of Electro Magnetic resulted through the method of your body's vibration. This power is useful to strengthen and distribute the energy already trained through Inner Power and Spiritual Power training).


Trishakti Inner Power does not require a long training period -- not three years, two years or even one year, but in one to two weeks with one to two hours of training every day, you can master the material and prove your skills concretely against materials as well as animals. You should also bear in mind that the Master shall also participate and awaken, activate and carry out synchronization of your inner power potential which has never been trained. Therefore, you don't have to take a long period of time to master this science.  

Inner Power activation is a process that should be implemented by a Master providing it to each student. This ensures that the existing inner power within yourself may be utilized immediately and the source of power in yourself becomes more active and responsive in what you have been training. This activation make each student able to utilize inner power instantly without having to train for years. This matter differentiates it from other self defense science.Everybody has different inner power potential. Some have it in big, some in small size. Some also have large inner power potential, but unfortunately, it can not be dispersed outside since there are a lot of obstacles within his body. This energy handicap should be cleaned out beforehand. So, the process of each student's activation becomes unique and personal.


The advantage of Trishakti Inner Power may be said to have a multipurpose nature because it can be utilized for protection, health, recovery and success. You may protect EVERYTHING (house, car, jewelry, safety box, TV, stereo tape, etc), ANYBODY (children, husband, wife, family and your friend) and ANYWHERE (outside town or abroad with no limits on the distance) by only using your outstanding Inner Power potential. Apart from that, your Inner Power can complement the security products you already own.  It is also beneficial for those in the alternative healing profession using Pranic Healing, Reiki, Touch healing, Hypnotherapy and other alternative healings, because your power will have synergy with your other methods and multiply the chances of healing instantly.