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Lintang Kautsar - Listening to the silence (the power of spirit and bodily ayats)
Oct 1 2010 01:34
Description of Lintang Kautsar

Lintang Kautsar is a science/an ?ilmu? to know human?s potentials (personal empowerment) having been existed in ourselves. The overall potentials are concluded into 2 (two) potentials---the power of physics and the power spirit---, studied and gained through the maximal utilization of the power of spirit and the power of Huruf (hijaiyah letters) and bodily ayats, where there is a code secret or blueprint in every arabic letter from every creation. Read More

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Ilmu Huruf Lintang kautsar is speaking about secrets of Huruf Hijaiyah (Hijaiyah Alphabets) in the connection of knowing 'human potentials? comprehensively (spirit and Body). It?s discussed/studied here manzil/position of hijaiyah leters/alphabets located in body, asrar/secrets of hijaiyah letters, spiritual meaning of each letter/huruf of hijaiyah, key prayer to receive and close the initiation, symbol of lintang kautsar 1 or alif breathing technique to cleanse negative energy, symbol of lintang kautsar 2 used for drawing up divine energy and for energy maintenance, symbol of lintang kautsar 3 and 4 utilized for conducting exercises of power of spirit and for doing ?listening to the silence? meditation, key prayer to call on huruf?s energy as a whole and key prayer to sealing energy. All the generating prayer baseds on verses of Al Qur?an. The Ending result from studying this Lintang Kautsar is extradited to individual respectively, meaning that after the power of cognizance points are awakened and the power of spirit is 'opened? and also having endured development/stabilization process, practitioner can choose his spiritual road desirable as according to his 'heart'.


At spiritual/religious level, the benefits of the Science of Letter of Lintang Kautsar study is bringing a person to spiritual knowing, and in turn, knowing of God, like what the Prophet said, "Whoever knows himself (his spirit); therefore, he will know his God." Self/spiritual knowing is predicted that it is able to improve behavior/morals and sharpen minds. Also, the objective of studying the Science of Letter of Lintang Kautsar is enjoying the studying process, which focuses on 'feeling' of enjoyment with Rosulullah Muhammad, with Allah. This enjoyment is named as Lintang Kautsar (A'lan Niami).

On physical side, the benefits of learning the Science of Letter of Lintang Kautsar will clean the energy channel located at the five senses and the energy channel located at latifah points, thus, the energy that will come into the 'spiritual energy container mentioned as spiritual heart' is the positive energy, which is, divine energy. Besides that, it will also activate strengths existing in the above-mentioned senses of awareness. If it is made into an analogy of a robot, therefore: The strength points are the sensors, operating system and electricity is spirit, application program is soul, body of the robot is the spiritual container (heart), and the contains of information received by the robot is the spiritual energy. The robot is able to live because of the existence of electricity and operating system (spirit), its activities can be good due to the influences of electronic sensors and sort of (strength points/senses of awareness), and the thing running the robot is the application program (soul). Thus, a heart can be good and right if it is supported by the essence of clean physical senses and calm spiritual state oriented to the way of devotion.

There are six levels of Lintang Kautar, ie. Level One (Holy Head), Level Two (Holy Hands), Level Three (Holy Body), Level Four (Holy Spirit/Power of Spirit), Level Five (Holy Huruf/Power of Huruf) and Level Six (Lintang Pamungkas = The Master Level of Lintang Kautsar). At this level, you are given some understandings of the advanced materials of Lintang Kautsar. All secrets of the bodily verses/ayats that become the key strengths of Lintang Kautsar will be explained obviously. If you take this course at once, you will not only get all the materials of Lintang Kautsar, but also receive the initiation of the Lintang Kautsar 1-5, then given the authority to teach Lintang Kautsar Level 1-3 (Holy Head, Holy Hands and Holy Body).