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I have been marketing online for a little over 10 months and have built a list of 5,000 that brings in enough monthly income that I was able to quite my day job.   I have recently set up a FREE 10 lesson e-course that shares the same tools and methods I used to build a massive profitable list in a short period of time.  

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List Building 101.com
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List Master Secrets.com
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The most helpful and supportive mentor this side of the internet. Over the past six months or so I have come to know John Guanzon as someone I trust for solid gold information and limitless, joyful support in the areas of list building, traffic exchanges and launching your own online business. He has helped me an incredible amount in my business and I know he will love doing the same for you. I urge you to contact him now!
 - thenextwave October 9th, 2007

Joh Guanzon is an example to all who aspire to Live their Dream. I am honored to cal him friend and urge all to heed his recommendations. All is possible with the Burning Desire, the well crafted Plan, mastermind and Massive Action Let's all embark on a Journey to Prosperity
 - cjbart September 21st, 2007

John owns and manages a first-class manual traffic exchange, TrafficPro-X, and has always been helpful and responsive. I recommend his traffic exchange and appreciate his helpfulness. Act on your dream! JD
 - johndilbeck September 21st, 2007