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John is a professional Internet Marketing Consultant, Networker, Blogger, and Owner and Creator of Several Websites.
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Jun 7 2010 07:41

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Apr 2 2010 11:30

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John is an innovator.
 - glenbrink October 30th, 2010

hi john,your site is look great,thanks fo be my friend
 - zamila October 26th, 2010

I just finished checking out John's Blog page! It is chuck full of great info for Social Bookmarking Broadcasting. I didn't know about Ping Broadcasting. Thanks John I'm heading over to check it out!
 - crystalaztec October 18th, 2010

John has been a friend of mine in several of my social netorking sites. He always shares the latest up to date info which is always appreciated! He's also the responsible for me joining APSense. Thanks John!
 - cflick October 13th, 2010

Thanks for Joining this Group.... You look cool dude...
 - ayana09 September 28th, 2010