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I recommend doing business with Wesley Anderson. Great coach, marketer, trainer, and entrepreneur.
 - silkysmooth1965 March 28th, 2012

Wesley, Thank you for connecting YOU ROCK! I'm a fan and a member of Claim Fans. All The Best, Ron Hickey
 - actionpro March 18th, 2012

Well I was unsure where to put this as I have a lot of resources avail be that I think would be useful to you. Maybe we should arrange to have a chat and discuss everything with each other.
 - mentalmoney March 17th, 2012

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 - roiaco March 17th, 2012

What to tell about someone I dont know very well? It`s hard to understand what kind of force is pushing him to this industry but then I realise It is a deterrmination to succeed. That strong force is unique to people and to Wesley especially. He`s a helpping person, strong but wise. If he`s your friend , you`re one lucky person.
 - zirovka March 10th, 2012