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About our Business

Who we are


IRULU is the consumer electronics division of USA111 Inc, located Groveport, Ohio. iRULU designs and manufacturers consumer electronics with features and functionality that rival the big brands without the big brand price tag.


Our Mission


IRULU was founded in 2007 with a mission to make high quality tablets and smartphones affordable for everyone!  We sold our first tablet in 2010, and since then, we’ve sold millions of tablets and smartphones to savvy shoppers around the world.


How we keep prices low


We’re a privately held company,so don’t have the same margin demands as those on Wall Street.


We designed our business model to keep costs low in 3 ways:


    1. We own our manufacturing facilities and have established long-term relationships and contracts with our suppliers, which keeps component costs low.

    2. We manually test 100% of units as they come off of the production line – our strict quality control prevents defects and virtually eliminates costly returns.

    3. 100% of our sales are online – that eliminates the high costs of distribution through traditional brick and mortar.


Our philosophies


  • Deliver high quality products under the principles of “honesty and reputation"

  • Provide employees with stable incomes and ample opportunities for self-development

  • Build a mutually beneficial relationship with our distributors so we can grow together


Our success


Despite the lack of traditional advertising, our business has enjoyed tremendous success because millions of delighted consumers have shared the good word about our products with their friends and family. If you’re happy with our products, please tell othersabout iRULUso we can continue to grow and develop more products you’ll love!


Our future


We aspire to make the latest and greatest in technology affordable for everyone, so roll out new products regularly. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest to keep up with new product launches and industry news.

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