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Janet Legere
Calgary, Canada
A risk taker who is willing to take ideas outside the box and invest and expand on those unnoticed opportunities. View Profile

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PG Traffic
Jul 10 2011 14:00
Effective advertising with PG Traffic, part of Janet Legere's Prospect Geyser family of Advertising

Webinar Riches Report
Jun 11 2011 17:39
Learn how to use Webinars to attract customers and close more sales.  Free rebrandable report helps you learn to build your list and make money online

Prospect Geyser Coop
Jun 11 2011 17:38
Sister site to Prospect Geyser, our PG Coop offers you two ways to reach members with our Credit Based list and our regular Safelist.  Responsive Advertising!

Prospect Geyser
Mar 26 2011 09:14
We call Prospect Geyser a SET and FORGET advertising system.Based on Keyword Phrases, our system works with all the major search engines to bring YOUR business in front of the right people.Free to join, when you upgrade your ad and keyword phrases begin rotating in our "triple rotation madness".  PLUS, when you upgrade, your RSS feed page is rotating on our main site.Hands on training and support - you WILL attract leads with Prospect Geyser.

Slender Pops - Rapid Weight Loss Lollipops
Mar 26 2011 08:53
Know anyone who is struggling to lose weight?Are YOU struggling to lose weight?Slender Pops are revolutionizing the diet industry by offering a solution that assists you in your weight loss efforts.Twice a day, before your lunch and dinner do the following:Drink a glass of waterEat a lollipopDrink a glass of waterEat your meal - put 25% less food on your plate ... you WILL be full!Drink a glass of waterThat's it ... you WILL lose weight!Doug lost 40 pounds in 8 weeksLynn lost 30 pounds in 8 weeksGerry lost 38 pounds in 6 weeksDebby lost 13 pounds in 4 weeksKathy lost 8 pounds in 2 weeksSimple ... effective AND FUN!Slender Pops Weight Loss Lollipops from Sisel International

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