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Really Fast Money - How To Make $1000 - $2000 in 24 Hours Or Less By Willie Crawford
Aug 11 2007 04:04

This is an e-book written by the great Willie Crawford! Willie explains in his e-book how you can literally start making money in 24 hours! This is a must read e-book! Willie tells you in very easy and simple terms what you should be doing to start making money on the Internet. I highly recommend this! And for ONLY $5 you can't go wrong!


A Word From Willie....

Dear Friend,

Over the past few years I have been approached countless times by online marketers with personal financial emergencies. They needed to raise $500 to $2000 practically overnight. For some reason they turned to me!

After encountering this situation repeatedly I asked myself...

"How Would I Raise $1000 To $2000 In 24 Hours Or Less?"

I sat down and outlined EXACTLY how I would deal with that situation, based upon my 11 years of online marketing, selling all kinds of goods and services. I layed out a very simple, but well-reasoned plan.

Next, to prove that the plan would work, I did just what I wrote in the plan, actually documenting my results! Over the years I had read half-a-dozen ebooks outlining some type of "guru emergency income plan." Most of these ebooks were full of hair-brained ideas that "the experts" had made up off the tops of their heads when asked to contribute to the ebooks.


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