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Our product is different from any other noni drink on the market.  It cannot be duplicated.  90% of the juice is a secret blend noni juice, grape and blueberry juice and has antioxidant benefits.  Our noni juice was featured on the discovered channel and is in the PDR which is a doctor reference. 

Noni can help with symptoms such as allergy, arthritis, asthma, cancer, depression diabetes, disgestion.  It can increase your energy, help with heart disease, high blood pressure, mental acuity etc.

Tahitian Noni Internation is now making 3 billion dollars in sales per year.  1.5 billion dollars of that is given back to the independent consultants.

Visit http://www.wealthconnectionteam.com/ and watch several information videos.

please visit me at my site  http://www.tahitiannoni.con/queenb102




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