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A MASSIVE shift in Wealth is beginning to happen NOW! America is transitioning from Post-Paid phone service to Pre-Paid YOU can profit in this $150 Billion dollar technology shift In Europe ? over 80% already have Pre Paid Phone Service North America is just the opposite ? over 80% are Post Paid The next 3-5 years will see a massive shift from Post-Paid to Pre-Paid 270 million in U.S. have cell phones/ Wireless segment is $150 Billion Already 20% of U.S. households have no landlines <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< CALL ME NOW 404-537-8124 for more info >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PRODUCTS and SERVICES Communications: with Wireless ? A 4 Trillion dollar global business No Contracts / No Credit Checks Your choice of major carriers: Verizon, Sprint, At&T, T-Mobile Top of the line equipment Digital VOIP Phone Service / Streaming video anywhere in the world Residential & Business service (up to 1500 lines) IP Phones, Smart Phones, International calling to 35+ countries Video Phone - $269.99 useable anywhere in the world / clear as HDTV IVR ? Interactive Voice Response (manage ingoing & outgoing calls) Convert text to voice & responds by voice, reads your email out loud Neutriceuticals: Soon to be announced COMPENSATION PLAN Create immediate income, long term, and passive residual income 3x9 Forced Matrix with Dynamic Compression Designed to get a check quickly into the hands of new members (BEFORE June 2010) Spouses can both have a position in the matrix Each matrix holds 29,523 representatives / earn from $1 to $4 per person MATCHING BONUSES Up to 50% matching bonus on personally sponsored members (if you have 5 personally sponsored reps who each make 5,000 / month your match on each one is $2500 x 5 = $12,500 per month) There are NO LIMITS to the number of personally sponsored members you can receive matching bonuses on. Bonus Pools / Revenue Sharing Bonus Pool / Coded Bonus (Gold, Platinum levels) ENTRY POSITIONS Sales Member buy wholesale / can retail the prod Builder Member buy wholesale / be paid on the matrix / earn Matching Bonuses Leader Member buy wholesale / be paid on the matrix / earn Matching Bonuses UNDER $50 per entry (Seriously!) PHP, Inc. has the best MLM attorneys in the industry: Jeffery Babner and Jerry Nehru Look for those who understand the power of this opportunity At this time, we cannot answer all your questions / Be patient while the pieces come together. CALL ME NOW 404-537-8124 for more info~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ COMPANY Both founders have several years experience in running corporations They have decades of experience in Network Marketing as successful members They have a heart and passion for the field because they?ve been there They have experience in Network Marketing as compensation plan consultants They have experience in taking Network Marketing companies public They personally know man of the GREATS in NWM, learned from Dexter Yeager They have wisdom and experience in the fundamentals Previously owned a VOIP company The company is starting for the right reasons and thus the name, People Helping People Inc. Investors sought out the company ? they came to the Founder Well funded - $10 Million (most new company?s start-up with 2 to 5 Million) Corporate Office is in Charlottes, NC / Office in Dallas also 95-100% from Home All Information on Website Simple Strategy Email / Phone Call 4-Min Recorded Call Recorded Presentations Go to Meeting Training Live Online Presentations Available 3-way calls THE REAL PEOPLE TEAM Our Goal Populate the Matrix Our Mission Securing financial futures Our Vision Helping people enjoy time freedom CALL ME NOW 404-537-8124 For More Info - You know what time it is? The Time Is Now

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