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From the mastermind behind MLM marketing that took the world by storm so many years ago, comes a brand new, brilliant idea for anyone to be able to gain security, freedom and prosperity!

Those looking for a fresh new opportunity with a unique compensation plan geared towards the average person? It?s called One 24, and you simply have to see it!

It?s a very simple Incentivized Referral Plan that lets you earn 50% in commissions which compounds every month. You get your own website with a link to refer others to the income opportunity?easy & simple?anyone can do it!

? It?s new & unique
? It?s an ?Incentivized Referral Plan? (IRP)
? It?s simple? build a ?Waiting List? and allow ONE person to join One24? each month, for 24 months?and change your financial future!

Incentivized Referral Plan (IRP) ? an innovative new compensation plan which works on a ?linear? basis. In other words, every person who joins is placed into one vertical line. It is not a ?get rich quick program?, but rather a slow building income stream that increases month after month over a 24 month period.

How To Get Started

  1. Sign up on the Waiting List...Click Here!
  2. Join as an Ordering Preferred Customer (OPC), by placing a $60+shipping order for NatraBurst, a whole food nutritional supplement, when your position becomes available.
  3. Receive 24 ?Green Tickets?? you may use one each month to take people off your waiting list, and allow them to join as an Ordering Preferred Customer (OPC). When you enroll your first Ordering PC, you become an Active PC (APC).
  4. Qualify for commissions with only $60 in personal volume monthly through auto‐ship and refer at least one Ordering PC.
  5. Build your Waiting List.

Mark Seyforth, CEO and founder of One24 explains the concept behind the company, and how it can help you achieve your retirement goals in as little as 2 years! (Of course these claims are not a guarantee of results in such a short period of time, because it is YOU that determine the pace at which you choose to work at it).

One24 a scam?not on your life! Not with brilliant marketing minds like Mark Seyforth and Joe Perry at the steer of things.

About One24
The story of One-24 actually begins in 1975 when Mark Seyforth became a pioneer in the direct sales industry. He was an innovator from the start, setting industry records when he founded his first company, which enrolled more than 160,000 distributors and produced more than $100 million in sales, within 3 years!

Fast forward 35 years and you will find that Mark has continued to have major impact on the direct selling industry. He has been instrumental in developing dozens of successful compensation plans, including one of the industry giants, Herbalife.

In 2009, an illness put Mark in bed for several weeks. During this time of slowing down his normally fast-paced lifestyle ? he had a chance to do some reflecting on the industry he loved. As he thought about it, there were a few questions that kept coming to the forefront?

  • The direct sales industry seemed to be in a rut ? the same old story and the same old approach that had been used for so many years just wasn?t working that well anymore.
  • Enrolling new people is harder than ever. People hate rejection and it?s gotten worse.
  • Attrition is high.
  • With the current state of the economy, many people needed an opportunity that could help them recover
  • The industry needed something new and unique, something that was easy learn and do. Most importantly, it should be so good that few people would be able to reject the idea.

In 2010, the concepts became a reality within a revolutionary new company?One-24! An idea that has found its time!

  • A totally new and unique approach (filing patent)
  • Simple to share with others without fear of rejection
  • System encourages people not to quit
  • Products that make a difference and save money
  • A path to retirement? in 24 months
  • Totally part-time, minimal effort

The current economic situation has made the One-24? system even more appealing! The formula is simple?

  • Enroll in our Incentivized Referral Plan (No inventory ? no investment required ? no meetings ? no Multilevel Marketing )
  • Refer people to the Website for placement on the waiting list
  • Watch your income grow each month
  • Experience the magic that can happen with your income in just 24 months
  • One-24??Turn tough times into opportunity!

We listen to Mark and Joe speak on the conference calls each week and it helps us to get excited, motivated and inspired. From time to time other One24 PC?s also share their experiences and it is very uplifting to hear about their successes.

No gimmicks, no get-rich-quick schemes, just a revolutionary concept that has come at the perfect time! (Anybody else feeling the pinch of what the economic climate has done to all of us?)

Do not miss out on this super NEW, ?going to take the world by storm & go viral?, Income Opportunity!

The Pre-Launch Insider Placement period has officially ended, and it was an overwhelming success!

The race to retirement is on! Click Here!

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