About our Business

A very unique and affordable opportunity that includes a couple of the best programs online.

Take a look at what a one-time $39.95 , plus fees, can do for you!!

1. Join our 2x3 cycler, with free re-entries over and over
2. First cycle enters you into Kamanji1000
3. Second cycle enters you into Sunrise Travel Club
4. Third and subsequent cycles to be determined
5. This program is available globally
6. Our team is simply outstanding
7. No minimum quotas. No deadlines. No worries.

Kamanji1000 ($350.00 value) is built around a 2x2 cycler with?auto re-entries. With our team, you will be paid $500 for your first cycle, which will afford you an auto?re-entry, as well as a bonus position. Each time your original position cycles you get $1,000 and each time your bonus position cycles, you get $650 plus another bonus position...Imagine the number of bonus positions in the cycler you can have in the long run!! The program is also filled with terrific downloads and tools.... AMAZING EARNING POTENTIAL!!

Sunrise Travel Club
($350.00 value) is built around a pair of 2x3 matrix/splitting boards. The first board (Travel Board) nets you $600 and a position in the Sunrise board, which nets you $10,000...but with our team we are doing this a bit differently. We are setting everyone up with 2 positions in the Sunrise Board and foregoing the $600 from the Travel Board. With Sunrise, you also receive travel benefits, a travel sales portal and ton of resalable products.....UNPARALLELED EARNING POTENTIAL!!


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