Brillipower Black IMR 18650 2500 mAh 3.7V LI-MN Rechargeable Battery , BUTTON Top , 35 MAH
Jan 23 2015 21:07
Specifications Brillipower Ego t battery 1,Higher energy density; 2,Long life; 3,CE and FCC. 4.High drain.  Brillipower Technical Specifications: ItemGener nal ParameterRemark Rated CapacityType:2500mah Min:2200mahStandard charge and standard dischargeNiminal Voltage3.7v  Charge ModeCC,CV Charging cut-off current0.02C Charging Current0.2c Discharge Current0.2C Maximum Continuous Discharging current15C Discharge of Peak Current20C  Cycle life:1.Charge:0.2c to 4.2v ,                2.Constant voltage to 0.02c Rest time:10min                3.Discharge:0.2c to 2.75v                4.Rest time between Charge and discharge:10min                5.500times>70% Higher than 70% of initial capacities of the cells Storage Temperature:1.1month: -20? ~ 45?                                   2.3month: -20? ~ 45?                                   3.1 year: -20? ~ 20? Contact AliceEmail : aliceautosuning@gmail.comSkype : herong54Whatapp : 86-13828801719Mobile : 86-13828801719Website :

Brillipower Black IMR 26650 3500mAh 3.7V LI-MN Rechargeable Battery , BUTTON Top ,60A High
Jan 23 2015 21:06
Specifications Brillipower lithium polymer battery 3.7v 3500mah 1,Higher energy density; 2,Long life; 3,CE and FCC. 4.High drain.    Brillipower Technical Specifications: ItemGener nal ParameterRemark Rated CapacityType:3500mah Min:3200mahStandard charge and standard dischargeNiminal Voltage3.7v  Charge ModeCC,CV Charging cut-off current0.02C Charging Current0.2c Discharge Current0.2C Maximum Continuous Discharging current15C Discharge of Peak Current20C Cycle life:1.Charge:0.2c to 4.2v ,               2.Constant voltage to 0.02c Rest time:10min               3.Discharge:0.2c to 2.75v               4.Rest time between Charge and discharge:10min                5.500times>70%Higher than 70% of initial capacities of the cells Storage Temperature:1.1month: -20? ~ 45?                                2.3month: -20? ~ 45?                                3.1 year: -20? ~ 20? Contact AliceEmail : aliceautosuning@gmail.comSkype : herong54Whatapp : 86-13828801719Mobile : 86-13828801719Website :

Brillipower Black IMR 18500 1100 mAh 3.7V LI-MN Rechargeable Battery , BUTTON Top ,16.5A
Jan 23 2015 21:05
Brillipower inr18650 battery 18500 1100mAh1,Long storage life 2,More power your desire 3,Best rate  Brillipower Specifications: ItemGeneral ParameterRemark1.Rated Capacity(Typ.)  1100MAhStandard charge and Standard discharge(Min.)  1080MAh2.Nominal Voltage3.7V 3.End of Charge Voltage4.2V 4.Charge modeCC,CV 5.Charging current0.2CStandard charging current6.Charging cut-off current 0.02C 7.Charging time5-6h 8.Over-Charge Voltage Protection(cell)---- 9.Discharging Current0.2C 10.Maximum Continuous Discharging Current3C 11.Discharge of Peak current5C 12.Over-discharge Voltage Protection(cell)---- 13.Over-Current Discharge Protection 14.Short circuit protection 15.Short circuit protection Release 16.Cell DimensionDiameter18.20.1mm Height48.70.5mm17.Weight?30.5g 18.Operation Temperature RangeCharge:0~45?6025%R.H. Bare CellDischarge:-10~60?19.Storage  Temperature 1 month:6025%R.H. at the shipment state-20? ~ 45?3 month:-20? ~ 45?1year:-20? ~ 20??20.Cycle Life1.Charge:0.2c to 4.2VHigher than 70% of the Initial Capacities of the Cells2.Constant voltage to 0.02c              Rest time : 10 min500 times?70%3. Discharge: 0.2c to 2.75V 4. Rest Time between Charge and Discharge: 10min 5. Temperature:255?   Contact AliceEmail : aliceautosuning@gmail.comSkype : herong54Whatapp : 86-13828801719Mobile : 86-13828801719Website :

Brillipower Black IMR 18350 700 mAh 3.7V LI-MN Rechargeable Battery , BUTTON Top ,10.5A
Jan 23 2015 21:04
Specifications Brillipower button cell cr1820 battery 1,Higher energy density; 2,Long life; 3,CE and FCC. 4.High drain.   Brillipower Technical Specifications: ItemGener nal ParameterRemark Rated CapacityType:700mah Min:680mahStandard charge and standard dischargeNiminal Voltage3.7v  Charge ModeCC,CV Charging cut-off current0.02C Charging Current0.2c Discharge Current0.2C Maximum Continuous Discharging current15C Discharge of Peak Current20C Cycle life:1.Charge:0.2c to 4.2v ,               2.Constant voltage to 0.02c Rest time:10min               3.Discharge:0.2c to 2.75v               4.Rest time between Charge and discharge:10min                5.500times>70%Higher than 70% of initial capacities of the cells Storage Temperature: 1.1month: -20? ~ 45?                                          2.3month: -20? ~ 45?                                          3.1 year: -20? ~ 20?  Contact AliceEmail : aliceautosuning@gmail.comSkype : herong54Whatapp : 86-13828801719Mobile : 86-13828801719Website :

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