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Isabella Fiore
Aug 3 2007 20:44
Isabella Fiore "Peace Out" Missy Mini Flap in Brown New

Availability: Very Limited

Feel free to express yourself...
Let out your inner flower child, put a daisy in your hair and demonstrate your love Isabella Fiore style. Peace Out! It's time to get groovy and we're taking you there with original Isabella Fiore artwork was originally hand-painted then translated into embroidery on super soft leather with extremely adorable details and over 275,000 hand-embroidered stitches. Dainty french knots and sweet scallops surround a flurry of flowers and peace. This collection will give you all the flower power you need to keep the peace! Dimensions (approx.): 8 1/2"W x 7"H x 1 1/4"D with 52" long strap. 72014H/Brown
ADASA Price: $395.00
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