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JOY OF SHOPPING - Jan 21st 2022 05:36

About our Business

I am a part time internet marketer, married, emptynester, two sons.

In my offline life I am a psychotherapist in private practice. I love my work but approaching retirement I was looking for something else I could continue with after retirement and also something that would give me and my family more financial freedom and security.

Not long ago I was part of the 97% of people who try to find financial freedom through a home-based business but fail. I have tried many programs and lost a lot of money, and nothing came out of it. So I knew should I ever choose to join another program it had to be different!

I have now found an ethical business here where the emphasis is concentrated on helping the 97% of people working online who would otherwise fail !

Join me, this system works ! Together we can change the World !

PS. A word to those of you outside the US.
My Power Mall is one of the biggest Malls in the US for US consuments.
Few of the 1000+ stores in it ship otside the US, and if they do, there is still the freight cost.
So you might think this is not for you.
I strongly advise you to join anyway! (I am in Germany myself.)
If you are able to promote MPM to any US contacts (like you can do here at ApSense), you will still be able to build yourself a decent income in the long run.

Looking forward to meeting and working with You,

Kindest Regards - Heidrun Karin Peters

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Nice site thus far. Love the pics you have added You are doing a great job so far Keep it up Wendy
 - wenfri November 23rd, 2007


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Wilhelmshaven, Germany
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