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Heebs Healthcare Pvt Ltd is an umbrella for multiple brands. We have a wide range of nutraceutical and beauty products brands covered. These include: (1) Nutriherbs: Our flagship brand, Nutriherbs, focuses on overall health and wellness while combining natural ingredients and putting them together in a bottle. (2) Farmity: The uniqueness of this brand is displayed in some of our best-selling products that have a unique blend of ingredients crafted together perfectly to help better your health. (3) LeanHealth: When it comes to dependability, you can lean on this brand without thinking twice. From healthcare supplements to daily nutrition, Leanhealth has it all covered. (4) RoyalishVeda: We believe in pampering you the royal way with the infusion of premium luxury ingredients such as pure saffron. This luxury beauty and bathing essentials brand will pamper your senses like no other. (5) SSCPL Herbals: An independent brand partnered with Heebs Healthcare Pvt Ltd, SSCPL Herbals boasts of a wide range of natural skin and hair care products that believe in pure, healthy, honest solutions. (6) Singh Styled: If you've got a beard and you want to flaunt it, Singh Styled ensures it's done right. Crafted keeping in mind the specific needs of Sikh gentleman. (7) Manive: When it comes to luxury, no brand caters to the bathing needs of men as well as Manive does. (8) Hashtag Stud: Hashtag stud offers a range of men's grooming products that help you stand out in the crowd and exhume confidence like any stud would! Whether it's a full grown beard, a stuble or a clean shaven look you're after, Hashtag Stud offers products to help bring out the best in you.

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