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From its corporate headquarters building located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Multi-Pure's management team oversees the manufacture and worldwide distribution of its solid carbon block filters and drinking water treatment devices. The conscientious, experienced staff has high standards and is dedicated to meeting the needs of all its customers throughout the world.


Multi-Pure Drinking Water Systems was founded in December, 1970, to become the premier manufacturer of high quality drinking water treatment devices that reduce a wide range of contaminants of health concern and provide the peoples of the world with the best quality drinking water available at an affordable price. Today Multi-Pure is an industry leader and the world's largest manufacturer of compressed solid carbon block filters.


By 1974, Multi-Pure had developed new and advanced technology to manufacture solid carbon block filters. The Multi-Pure technology offers superior effectiveness in reducing contaminants of health concern, and many of its products have been tested and certified by  NSF International.? for the reduction of one of the widest range of contaminants under NSF/ANSI Standard No. 53, Health Effects. In addition to being certified under NSF/ANSI Standard No. 53, Multi-Pure's filters are certified under NSF/ANSI Standard No. 42, Aesthetic Effects.


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There are hundreds of companies that sell drinking water systems for the treatment of various contaminants. Although most companies make devices that can remove chlorine from water, only forty (40) of those companies offer drinking water treatment systems that are certified by NSF to reduce Trihalomethanes (a disinfection by-product known to cause cancer in humans and miscarriages) under NSF's Standard No. 53, Health Effects (August, 2010 Listings). And, only five companies have devices certified by NSF to reduce PCBs. Multi-Pure Drinking Water Systems offers products certified to reduce MTBE, a gasoline additive classified as a possible human carcinogen, which has been found in drinking water coast-to-coast.