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Promote your business with a brand mascot(Cartoon)!
Oct 1 2011 02:34

1. Mascot Design...


Mascots are a type of marketing that allows you to immediately become unique in even the most saturated of niches. That is why; we’ve decided to give tribute to some of the best mascots we believe are in the business. With each mascot, you will be able to glean inspiration from them to create a mascot that will truly give personality to your brand.


2. Logo Design...


Our mascot design illustrators and mascot designers have years of experience of character design and logo design and mascot design samples.

Our mascot designers have created animated cartoon characters within games and computer based training applications, and other presentations. We are now offering Personal Mascot Branding.

Weather you need illustrations in books, mascot creation, character design or caricature, Logo Design Works can provide you with the perfect solution. With our designer's experience, illustrative talent and creative abilities, you can rest assured you are working with the best.


3. Web Site Design...


The more emotional a site design is, the more likely it is to evoke positive feelings within its visitors. To achieve a lasting impression, designers tend to use visual cues and offer some eye candy for hurried and hectic users. E.g. vibrant color schemes, photos and illustrations can be used to draw user’s attention to some specific site section.

But are there any further options? Yes, there are. Actually, mascots are traditional for sports competitions such as Football World Championship or Olympic Games. Mascot is a more or less nicely designed creature which is symbolic for something and is supposed to evoke sympathy and strengthen the sense of belonging to one single team.


4. Promotion

·         PPC

·         Email marketing

·         Article marketing

·         Video marketing

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5. Price

·         Standard characters usually run $250 with 30 pose set. It is $50 per custom pose.

·         Animations vary by the actions involved and time. A rough quote would be $300 for a 10 second simple animation.

·         $150 for logo design with 3 variations to choose from then 2 revisions to perfect the logo.