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You Can Get Him Back
Sep 14 2010 00:16
To every woman who has ever wanted to put her relationship back together again:

YES!!! NOW You Can STOP Your Relationship From Falling Apart . .  EVEN If It Seems Everything Is Too Late.

I?ll be beside you every step of the way and show you what YOU need to do so YOU can get your relationship back to where it was before.

But...Time Is Running Out! Read On To Find Out Why....

This CAN BE Your Life:
  • A life that?s full of contentment and bliss
  • A relationship based on trust and honesty
  • A relationship that is rock solid and affair proof
  • A partner who will take care and love you no matter what
  • A love that is overflowing with respect and openness
  • A togetherness that is bursting with intimacy and iron-clad in exclusivity

Date: September 13, 2010
From The Desk Of: Ruth Purple

The bathroom! A sacred place where you can relieve the pressures and stress that has built up within you with a hot bath or shower. A place where you can drop the baggage you?ve been carrying and come out clean and refreshed at the end of the day.

At least that?s what it?s supposed to be for. And it has been for many of us.

But for my friend Kate, and for others like her, it was the one place where she could seek comfort and solace ? where she can shed the tears of the emotions that had been swelling up inside her, tormenting her.

It was the one place where she can get away from the pain and suffering she had felt since she found out that her husband Ron had an affair with a woman at work.

Kate hid in the bathroom so Ron would not see her weakness, her tears, and her anguish.

But, Ron did not stay there anymore, at least not until recently. After many fights over the same thing with seemingly no solution in sight Kate had kicked Ron out of their home, casting him away from their very own Eden.

But then again, with the events leading up to this, it was as if he wasn?t there at all.

The thing is, and this Kate confided with me between sobs, she still loved Ron - he was a good guy and a good provider and despite what he did, he was still her true love.

It was just that she couldn?t take all the lies anymore. She felt unappreciated and betrayed by the one person she had promised to spend the rest of her life with - and whom she thought promised the same thing. And the fact that Ron could not explain why he did what he did and did know how to clean the slate did not help one bit.

That hurt the most and was the main reason she threw him out. End of relationship. End of story.

Or was it?

If it were any other couple out there then I would say yes, that WAS the end of it.

But what if there was a way you could recapture your ex-love?s mind, heart and soul? What if you can turn back the time and wipe the slate clean? What if you can get him back even if you feel your situation right now is too far gone . . . too late to do something.

And I will show it to you today the way Katy, and countless others, showed it to me.

You?re in pain right now and I understand that. The heart ache, the loneliness, the betrayal ? I?ve been in your shoes before. Like Kate, I too have experienced the heartache of losing on love.

Let me say this: I know that you hurt and you think that it?s the end of the world.

But it?s not! It wasn?t for Kate, it wasn?t for me, it wasn?t for the hundreds of others that I know came out of the heartbreak better and still together . . . and it won?t be for you.

There is hope . . . believe in that.

If You?re Heartbroken And The Pain Has You Confused As To What To Do Next

I have good news for you!

Reconciliation and compassion are very much possible when the extra-marital affair has ended! You CAN get your cheating spouse or partner back regardless of the reason why you separated with him.

And when I mean regardless of the reason, I mean REGARDLESS OF THE REASON.

Others have gotten back together again even against insurmountable odds. Even when logic dictates that they shouldn?t be together again, they have proven their pundits wrong.

They?re back together and happy again, starting as if reborn, the experience that they went through only succeeding in making their relationship that much stronger.

It Is Possible . . .

And I know you don?t really believe it?s possible but it is. In your shoes, if I haven?t seen it my own self I would be skeptical too.

But I couldn?t be any longer, not after I saw how it worked for my friend Kate.

And if you actually think deep down you?ve probably heard of relationships that have gotten back together even under the worst conditions. Some of them were even probably your closest friends.

And I?ll bet you were probably one of those people who said they shouldn?t get back together again since the guy was a creep and a total loser.

Believe me I know, I?ve seen those types before and I was probably one of those at one point in my life.

The thing is true love will overcome everything. Love can salvage ANY situation.

You could say that the epitome of true love is accepting him back despite of what he did or who he is.

And not you nor I, nor anyone else can stop it.

?Love will always find Love?

Much like the case of my friend Kate and her husband Ron. She still loved Ron and the best part of it all was that Ron also still loved Kate. In fact he couldn?t bear what he did to her. The thing was he just couldn?t express himself well enough for Kate to understand.

But love does conquer all and he and Kate talked it over and worked it out.

And they?re back together again and going on strongly as before . . . NO I would say they are stronger because of what happened.

And doesn?t that sound good?

Be able to reconnect as a couple . . .

The Formula For LOVE

If you ask me what secret formula my friend Kate and the countless others used to get back together again regardless of the situation I would say they had the ?formula? going for them.

If you asked them what they did they would probably say it was because they were fated to be.

I?m not kidding.

And it?s not like they have the formula all written down and they merely followed the step-by-step process. Oh no.

They probably just accidentally said the right thing and did the right thing at the right time.

The good news is YOU CAN repeat those ?ACCIDENTS? on purpose.

And I will show you how YOU can do it.

But before I do that let me ask you this:

Do You . . .

-    Tear up when you hear ?YOUR? song?
-    Can?t eat or if you do you?re just forcing yourself?
-    Constantly look at his picture and pine away?
-    Go out of your way to ?accidentally? bump into him?
-    Keep wondering if you missed an email or a call from him?
-    Keep wondering if you could have done something to keep him from leaving?
-    Feel that it?s your fault?

If the answer is YES and I have a feeling that?s what your answer is, you have to admit it: you still love him.

And unless he?s really one heartless bastard I have a feeling that he is probably feeling the same thing but men being men he?s probably not being honest with himself.

And you?re not being honest with yourself if you don?t work to make things right for the sake of that love.

One last question:

Did You . . .

-    Lay ALL the blame on him?
-    Become emotional and heated?
-    Bring up his past transgressions and used that as leverage
-    NOT give him a chance to explain his side.

And that regardless of your intentions every time you say anything it just becomes a defensive argument further alienating you from him and vice versa.

Don?t blame yourself. That?s probably the worst thing you can do. Assigning blame at this juncture won?t do anyone any good.

And I?m not blaming you for that either. We?re human and because of that we react in typical human fashion.

Sometimes though you need to let go of the typical and move on to the extraordinary. That?s what the countless others who have successfully kept their relationship going despite the odds.

Of course you?re probably wondering who am I to tell you all these things and what my experiences are.

Of course you ask. In your shoes I would too.

Discovering The Formula To Get Him Back

I love meeting different kinds of people. As a teenager, getting involved in my mom?s charity work as well as a lot of school activities and organizations, allowed me to do just that, meet countless people and witness numerous things.

Being in a private school and helping out with my mom?s charity work permitted me to experience being with the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor. I learned really quickly how to deal with people from ALL walks of life. I bet you can just imagine the great divide right?!

But surprisingly too, I found that regardless of one?s social status, race or culture, everyone-from the ?bookworms? to the ?bad girls?, from the brats to the butch, whether boys or girls, young or old, rich or poor, straight or gay, I found out that when it comes to falling in love and being in love we are the same.

My approach and strategy in dealing with people and their problems has always been one of friendship. I always make sure that they are talking to someone that they can relate to and be comfortable with. I make sure that I become a friend that they can trust rather than a therapist who would make a profit out of their misery.

I have found this to be an effective tool and I guess this is what makes me different from the rest of the relationship guru?s out there. People with relationship problems need one thing in common: they all need someone to turn to when times get rough - and that?s what I?m here for.

And because I was, and still am, there for them I got to work with many relationships where I got the knowledge from the experiences I had the honor of sharing with.

BUT BE WARNED: This Book Is NOT For Everyone

I will tell you this: My advice contains wisdom, truths and information that can potentially hurt you.

IT?S NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!!! I will be blunt and I will say it as it is. I won?t cuddle you because you know what that?s not what you need ? NOT if you want to lose him forever.

It's crucial to go through all this if you want to reinstall harmony and love back into your life. If you are not willing to face the facts and take the only steps you need to take, then this book is not for you.

Reality is a better teacher and I?ve experienced relationships from different perspectives not only from my own personal life but also through the lives of people and friends, like Kate, who has kindly shared their life and their relationship stories with me.

In less than 48 hours of thoroughly going through this book, you will discover the undeniable facts about your partner, and you will learn how to deal with it and successfully end all misery.

Crucial requirement: Open your mind for change.

The Answer To Your Nightmare: You Can Get Him Back

Here?s What I Can Do For You

Obviously I can?t be with every person that wants help to get back together again. I?m only one person and unfortunately, I don?t have the power to multiply. I do, however, have the next best thing.

I?ve put ALL my experiences in relationships and what you can do to make it work again into this one easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand guide that will let you create your own ?accidental? formula to get him back and be together again ? stronger and better than ever before.
  1. Help you understand the signs of infidelity
  2. Show you what will happen if infidelity is not handled effectively
  3. Give you astounding information on how to catch a cheating spouse
  4. Give you a self-awareness quiz about cheating
  5. Teach you how to become an expert at sizing your man
  6. Teach you self-empowerment approaches to heal your pain.
  7. Give you thorough assessment; if getting your man back is worth all your effort or not
  8. Teach you effective techniques about how to get him back
  9. Teach you a great system to help you maintain a passionate relationship
  10. Give you enriching advice on how to deal with day to day relationship set backs
I have titled this guide YOU CAN GET HIM BACK so YOU can GET HIM BACK!

Let Me Show You Why It Works

The OPRAH WINFREY SHOW presented living proof that reconciliation and compassion are very much possible when an extra-marital affair has ended.

This was the story of Burton and Suzy, married for 30 years. They were invited to The Oprah Winfrey Show in the episode titled "Back From Betrayal".

Here Oprah discussed the reconciliation of the couple after the infidelity. Suzy decided to stay in their marriage after discovering that Burton cheated on her for over a period of 15 years with 3 different women. During the show Suzy was asked about the difference between forgiving and forgetting:

I don't ever want to forget. Remembering the pain that I went through helps me remember the many blessings and lessons that came with it. There is a big difference between forgiving and forgetting. You forgive for yourself. You forgive because you who harbors the anger is suffering much more than the person at whom you're angry."

She further added:

"While I was going through the experience, it was so terrible, and so devastating, I would have swallowed any pill that you could have instantly obliterated this whole thing from my mind. But having been through this whole process and seeing the difference it's made in me and my relationship, I'm grateful for it."

Burton and Suzy share their wisdom and knowledge.

Burton presenting his side of the story.

And what does Burton say all about this?

"The story itself, when you look at it and try to be logical, you would say there is no hope...I believe the reason that we were able to get back together is that Suzy decided that she was going to take care of herself. And when she did that, it made me react, saying that if she's going to take care of herself, I better do something too, or I'm gone. It was really the beginning of this connection, of this relationship to start up again...and to work through the problems...

"If you [each] find a way to take care of yourself, to find love within yourself, peace within yourself, once you get there, you then can come together and find love for each other. It's a long program. It took us years and we work on it every single day... You find first this feeling inside that you trust yourself. I wouldn't be hung up on whether you trust him or he trusts you, I would be more concerned about trusting yourself. And once you get there where you really trust yourself and you're working together, then there is an opportunity to be a couple and to be in love and to move forward."

It?s The Unbeatable Power Of Love To Overcome Any Obstacle

From my experience, understanding the underlying reasons why he became unfaithful is an important step to take in order for taking him back that much easier to deal with.

This is because, by knowing what you?re up against, you can device the strategy to fight and beat infidelity and have him back and keep him for a long time.

And that is what YOU CAN GET HIM BACK is all about - a life enriching course about knowledge, self-empowerment and a comprehensive system for lasting and loving relationship!


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