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WANTED: Mr. Right
Sep 14 2010 00:09


Would You Like To Know How To Attract Your Ideal Man And Make Him Stick To You Like A Magnet?

With These Advanced Techniques Your Subconscious Will Send GO AWAY Signals To The Cheesy One-Night Stand Guy And Make Mr. Right Appear In Front Of You!

I'm going to help you with:
  • Meeting your ideal man.
  • Knowing what makes a man perfect physically and mentally
  • Knowing how to attract men
  • Ending the cycle of one wrong man after the other
  • Having your very own happy ending
  • Knowing which type of person is best for you.
  • Knowing where to find the right guy

Date: September 13, 2010
From The Desk Of: Ruth Purple

Dear Friend,

Let me tell you this - You are NOT alone.

There are hundreds and even thousands of women out there who think they will never be in a worthy and secured relationship with the right guy. And there are also thousands of women who believe that true love waits. So, they are still single and waiting...

You might fit into this clique, but don't be discouraged because I'm going to show you that finding your Mr. Right is not hard at all. All you need is the right equipment.

My name is Ruth Purple. I have been a Relationship Coach for many years now. I have talked and listened to so many people who have come to me with questions about having the perfect relationship. And probably the most striking truth that I have come to realize is this:

Most people - individuals, singles and couples, who come to me, are trapped in the competitive adversarial world of scarcity. We have all been programmed since childhood to let go of our dreams and settle for only a small piece of the pie.

But it doesn't have to be that way, in fact...

I would like to make it known to you upfront, that if you are still single and in desperate search for a partner, you will soon have the POWER to draw in your ideal man.

No more hoping, no more crossing your fingers, no more leaving your love life to chance. What I will teach you in Wanted Mr. Right are no non-sense techniques that will send specific signals to the right men only. These eye-opening techniques that I will reveal to you will absolutely change the way you look at dating and romantic relationships.

Say goodbye to all those dating myths and
self-limiting rules that hinder your path towards finding a partner.

YES. YOU will have it ALL!

Truth is you can have your heart's dreams and desires. All you need is access to the right system and knowledge.

Having worked successfully with thousands of individuals and couples over the past 15 years, I discovered that if you have in your hands an integrated system of personal power and love mastery, your dream to find Mr. Right will be just around the corner.

Once you have learned the REAL INSIDE SECRETS for dating and relationship mastery, you will gain the power to "take names and kick butt".

Find Your Perfect Match!

Say Goodbye To The Same Old Routine!

I am not one of those traditional counselors. I'm telling you this to warn you about my unconventional approach and to let you know that this ebook is extremely powerful and needs to be handled with caution.

Wanted Mr. Right is a product of real life experiences of various women who are united by the same goal - Finding Mr. Right. It may sound sappy and uber idealistic but this is for real and it simply works.

Mr. Right is not an urban legend. He exists. He's out there. He's waiting for you.

And most of time, the root cause of NOT finding the right man is the fact that we cloud our minds with all those irrelevant so-called theories about men and those tricky dating myths.

Instead of making all the painful errors yourself of choosing the wrong partners, making the dumbest relationship decision, suffering from all kinds of relationship heartache and headaches, and even losing all of your money to a lousy relationship... you should be making INFORMED choices and right decisions starting today.

Obviously, the KEY is to put into practice this proven system that has been used by real people in the real world, and perfected after years of relentless testing and tweaking. In other words... This system will not only work for some women, but for you as well.

I've just finished a brand new resource that will give you the insider information you need to find out how you can DRAW IN MR. RIGHT - the right and smart way. But the difference between my system and others out there is that my system does all the work for you! It's a power-packed method called "Wanted Mr. Right" and you will have immediate access to it.

Rather than doing what you think will work, I'll teach you a proven process and method. This way, you'll be able to start on the right foot to enjoying a perfect relationship for a life time! You see, it's best to learn by example, from PROVEN strategies and methods already used by REAL PEOPLE in the REAL WORLD, not by theory. When you learn what REALLY works by following a proven system, drawing in your match or crafting your own ideal relationship is just around the corner.

This Is What Will Do The Job For You

Wanted Mr. Right Will Let You In On:
  1. Why there are many Single Women out there
  2. How To Use Subconscious To Your Advantage
  3. Who Would Be the Perfect Match For You
  4. The Different Avenues To Find True Love
  5. An Action Plan that You Can Follow
  6. How To Be A Woman Of Substance
  7. How To Find And Captivate Your Ideal Man
  8. And even how to get a guy to marry you...

Relationship Experts: Living Proof!

Broderick Steven "Steve" Harvey is a well known actor, comedian, entertainer, and radio personality. He is best known as the star of the WB sitcom The Steve Harvey Show, and as one of the four comedians featured in the Spike Lee film The Original Kings of Comedy.

Currently, he is the host of The Steve Harvey Morning Show, a nationally syndicated radio program. He is also the author of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment, which was released in March 2009.

The widely-acclaimed book is Harvey?s ultimate guide to unlocking the male mind, understanding his game, anticipating his moves and countering with unstoppable offense and defense.  Harvey has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Nightline, Good Morning America, The Ellen Degeneres Show, The Tyra Banks Show, CBS? The Early Show, NBC?s Late Night with Conan O?Brien, CNN Newsroom, The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet and several others to discuss HIS #1 NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLING BOOK!

Steve Harvey on women

In an episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show, Steve talked about the importance of constraint when a woman is looking for a man. According to him, if a woman is all aggressive men will see her as someone who will only be fun to play with but not for long term commitment. His suggestion to women: be calm and don't jump all over the guy even if they want to.


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