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The Powerful Secrets Of Seduction
Sep 14 2010 00:05

Do You Want To Learn How to Effectively Seduce Anyone Your Heart Desires, Whenever You Want To?

With These Controversial Techniques, You Will Learn The Secrets To Successfully Controlling the Object of Your Desire With Ease and Grace, Every Single Time Without Fail!

I Mean Wouldn't You Like To:
  • Be the Perfect Lover whenever you want to
  • Be irresistible to anyone you turn your mind to
  • Know what to say, and when to say it
  • Know the ultimate secrets to complete  power
  • Always feel like you are in control
  • Successfully be the object of worship
  • Have a guide telling you everything about seduction
  • Make the world  your oyster, when it comes to choices.

Date: September 13, 2010
From The Desk Of: Ruth Purple

My Dear Friend,

Let me admit this much to you;

I am not a Sex Guru who claims to know everything.

I'm not a sexual therapist.

I'm also not claiming to be a problematic damsel in distress who happened to stumble upon The Magic Formula for seducing men and women with just the snap of my fingers.

My name is Ruth Purple, and I have been a relationship Coach for years. I have come across people with bucket loads of problems concerning how to be attractive, how to captivate someone you like, how to find the perfect person?

Well let's face it, when we talk about problems concerning attraction, lust or love,  the list just goes on. 

I?m going to come out clean here. I am not a miracle worker, so I will not claim to be one.

I am simply a woman with a great passion for people and who, after working with so many different people, and studying the intricacies of the human psychology; I have learned the real psychological and scientific reasons why people feel the way they do, or simply do the things they do.

I have a burning passion to help people and I would really love to get this opportunity to help you too. But in order to do that, I also need your dedication, trust, and your willingness to follow the formula I am about to show you with sincere dedication.

You probably don?t believe a word I say, and you would probably approach everything here with a heavy dose of skepticism and I don't blame you... As a matter of fact, I think that?s great!

I encourage you to be critical! Because I want to make sure you fully understand what I?m offering you.

I want you to understand how drastically this eBook can change your life, how not everyone is truly ready to embrace the power that comes with the knowledge this book can bring.

Of course though there is more to hear, and I sincerely hope that you spare the next 10 minutes of your time to read on because you are about to learn the secrets to becoming the greatest seducer of all time.

Become the Perfect Seducer in No Time!


When you think about it, you will actually come to realize that  when it comes to human relationships in general, getting the opposite sex to notice and like you is one of the most important skills that a man or a woman will ever need.

It is so important, that it should have been something our parents taught us; just like every other specie of life out there are taught tactics and techniques by their parents in order for them to survive, right?

Unfortunately, most of us are not that lucky...

In fact, most of us don?t realize it but the game of seducing a person can be broken down into logical steps that can be followed just like a map. And more important than anything else even, is the fact there are already a ton of people who have discovered that map and made it work for them.

And I?m not talking about fictional characters here. I am talking about real people; historical figures who have dedicated their lives to the great art of seduction and who have succeeded.

These are men and women, immortalized in history books.

They have given us the answers to our problems, through their actions, and the lives they led. Now all we need to do is take that knowledge and use it to our advantage. And that?s exactly why I?m presenting you with THE POWERFUL SECRETS OF SEDUCTION.

Here you will find real psychological steps you need to become the perfect seduce r, and they are backed up, by unquestionable historical facts and evidences.

The book gives you these steps. I guess you could say it?s a system for getting exactly what you want when you want it, but more than that, I like to think of it as a handbook that every woman should read.

A handbook that will give you all the skills you need to meet, attract and seduce your object of desire; all broken down into phases; all, in plain English.

I mean, have you ever been so mesmerized by someone, perhaps because they are so attractive, so intriguing, so fascinating, that you find yourself completely absorbed in the conversation?

Well that?s because they are great seducers!

And you can be one too!

This is the Book For You

This Book Will Let You In On:
  1. What seduction is all about
  2. Who the Greatest Seducers of All Time are
  3. Who are the Anti-Seducers
  4. The different Styles of Seduction
  5. How to pump up your sex appeal
  6. How to set the Trap
  7. How to Lure your Prey
  8. Moving in for the Kill
  9. And dealing with the Aftermath

World Reknown Dating Expert Acknowledges Importance of Self Esteem

Justin Marks also known A JDOG,  co-hosted the hit television show on VH1 called, ?The Pickup Artist.? He is one of the world?s most revered Dating Experts, providing seminars, books, and video teaching to help men improve their lives by becoming naturally more attractive individuals. He is popular in motivational speaking circuits, having made appearances nationally across the United States, as well as internationally from cities such as Toronto all the way to London. He has addressed both male and female audiences on how to connect with a compatible partner.

In the video below, the world famous Dating Guru & Pickup Artist talks about the building blocks of Sexual Communication.


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