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The Male Magnet Formula
Sep 14 2010 00:00

Are You Ready For Perfect Men Lining Up?

Learn How To Be The Purpose Of Every Man's Heart And Mind!

 Unlock Your Inner Magnet And Become The Ultimate Woman Any Man Desires Without The Embarrassing Slip Ups Or Useless Trial And Errors.

I Will Teach You How To:

  • Overcome Your Fears and Shyness

  • Get Dozens of Dates with Ease

  • Learn how to Attract Men the Way Honey Attracts Bees

  • Become the Most Sought After Woman in Town

  • Master the Dating Field with Grace and Poise

  • Come Out of Your Shell and Radiate Confidence

  • Be Irresistible by knowing how to make guys like you

  • Know What to Do and What to Say in Order to Artfully Date




Date: September 13, 2010

From The Desk Of: Ruth Purple


My Friend,

Let me guess, you're not having much luck in the "Dating" department right?
Well my friend, woman to woman, let me just tell you that this just might be the most eye-opening letter you'll ever read.

So tell me...

  • Have you been out of the dating field for so long that the idea of rejoining it seems utterly terrifying to you?

  • Or is it that you've been in the dating field for awhile but you still end up sleeping alone in your bed at night?

  • Or is it simply that the whole idea of dating is all new to you and you just don?t know where to start?

Whatever you're situation is, you're having problems in the dating arena... Well, let me tell you my friend, YOU are NOT alone!

Most women have have had these kinds of problems in one varied form or other. They just don't know how to get a date. I have been a Relationship Coach for many years now, and have much experience regarding the woes of women when it comes to matters about men or the lack of them. And the truth is it ALL boils down to one simple reason. Most women simply don't understand men.

The dating game; what can be more exciting, exhilarating and stimulating? Well at least it is for those who have the confidence to rise to the challenge. But for the timid and the inexperienced, the dating arena can seem like a sinister and daunting place.

But worry not, because our quest is to bring out the fun, fabulous and fearless female in you, and more. You'll even be surprised to know that you actually know how to date!

Yes, with several pages or so, you are on your way to becoming a cool, captivating chick, armed with confidence and charisma to aim your surefire dating tips and skills at the targeted male object of desire.

Did you know ... that simply by being the woman that you are, by virtue of all that femininity you have and that men can never posses, you have the power to make HIM bend like clay in your hands?

Yes, it's true! You can be the belle of the ball - that mysterious beauty that every man can't keep his eyes off of- and all you have to do is follow my fool proof, dating formula! I'll show you how it works in a minute.

When you secure access to my dating secrets and follow the action plan, you'll discover how to tap into the power that resides within you that can revolutionize your dating life, and take it to a whole new level!

Why Should You Listen To Me?- WELL, Here's Why...

My name is Ruth Purple. I have been a Relationship Coach for many years now. I have talked and listened to so many women who have come to me with problems about themselves, their relationships and also their lack of ability to find them. And I have learned a lot. But probably the most striking truth that I have come to realize is this:

Most women - especially single women, who come to me; are trapped in the aggressive world of female competition. And because they haven't a clue on how to handle themselves, they end up with water over their heads and start drowning even before they get a fighting chance.

I would like to make it known to you upfront, that if you are still single and in desperate search for a partner, or even just eager to have the ability to handle yourself well and become a successful woman that can conquer the dating field, that there is a way- and with the right formula- you can succeed!

No more hoping, no more crossing your fingers, no more leaving your social life to chance. What I have put together in THE MALE MAGNET FORMULA isn't a load of non-sense that lure you with the promise of happily ever after and instant solutions. The eye-opening techniques that I have revealed in this eBook will absolutely change how you look at dating. And they WILL help you, but YOU also have to commit to making the effort and applying what I teach.

You see, having worked successfully with thousands of men and women over the past 15 years, I discovered that , as a women, if you have in your hands an integrated system of personal power and male mastery, your dream of becoming the cool confident chick - that draws men like a male magnet - can come true!

Once you have learned the REAL DATING SECRETS, you'll be attracting men, left right and center, and you never have to try and be anyone but your very own self!

Knowing Your Enemy Will Win The Battle For You.

"If you know yourself and your enemy well, you need not fear a hundred battles."

-Sun Tzu

Proper knowledge of necessary elements is crucial. Without the right kind of ingredients, you won't be able to create the perfect brew for a satisfying dating experience.

I mentioned earlier that the biggest problem women have is that they haven't a clue on how to handle competition. Most of us think that in order to catch a man's attention we need to try and walk and talk like movie stars and be everything but ourselves. But this is just a BIG mistake. The best edge you can have over the others and to conquer men is to KNOW how men think. That way you can tell what he wants before he does himself!

Men. They present different images to different women but one thing is certain, they can seem so impossible to understand! So what does it take to understand something unfamiliar?

SIMPLE: It's to dissect and unravel it, to get to know it.

Your mobile phone. The microwave oven. Your CD player. Your home hair-drying kit. Your mascara. The printer. The frozen pizza. What do they have in common? They all come with instructions explaining how to set them up, use, cook, or fix. There's a handy little booklet accompanying them to explain what they?re about. They come with a manual, a guide.

A guide makes you feel assured, safe and in control instead of finding yourself groping in the dark, not knowing whether you'd fallen into a bottomless pit or not. Or else end up with scorched, damaged hair, smudgy eye make-up or half cooked (icy) pizza for dinner. A guide allows you to manipulate a product effectively and be able to gain the best benefits from it.

Or him.

And that is EXACTLY what I'm giving you! A guide to understanding Men!

Become Every Man's Ultimate Desire

Men Are Simple! So Dont Over Complicate Them.

So now that you know what it takes to have an edge over other women- by knowing and understanding men...

Think of dating then, metaphorically - as a conquest, of knowing yourself, other people, and dealing with varied circumstances in life, including one of the most challenging, which is (an intimate) relationship.


Think of this: Once upon a time our ancestors had a more primal view of dating and mating. Formidable problems they had to contend with in the mating process were:

  • selecting a fertile mate;

  • out-competing intra-sexual rivals in attracting a mate;

  • fending off attempts to poach upon one's mate;

  • preventing a mate from deflecting, and

  • engaging in all sorts of sexual and social behaviors for successful conception to take place.

Our specie has evolved for over thousands of years since then, but when you come to think of it, the salient points of human mating remain.

When out to search for a possible partner, a man considers certain factors. Men are primarily visual beings. They begin with how the package looks. The looks department plays a crucial role with how men consider dating a woman. Then on the more sub-par level, he asks: "Am I emotionally attracted to this person? Personality-wise, this is where some women compensate.. "How does she make me feel? Ultimately it then goes down to "Am I intellectually attracted to this person?"

And that's exactly what this ebook, THE MALE MAGNET FORMULA, is going to show you. How to attract men using your looks, your actions (personality based) and your mind (the intellectual card).

To successfully attract only one part of his system is futile, and will be a short lived victory. When most of his system sends the  "go signal" that you are a prospective mate, that's when the game really begins. That's when he pursues you and becomes concerned with disarming his rivals and those invading his personal territory. When you've truly captivated a man, he will do his best to keep you. It's his primal instinct.

Where Do you Go From Here Then?

You Now Have a Battle Strategy. When You Purchase this priceless guide, you will have in your hands the perfect weapon to dominate the dating Arena. So what then?

Well, we all know that sampling the dating field is simply stage one; ultimately our goal is to find that special someone. Some women are lucky that the first guy they date turns out to be Mr. Right. For the rest, practice makes perfect. And the more skilled you are in dating, the better are your chances of finding the most suitable partner. This ought not to be taken lightly either, because a large percentage of your happiness as a person depends on your partner. Relationships are vital in our lives, and they have tremendous potential of making us happy or miserable.

Widen your options, and keep an open mind. Date and make friends with as many men as you can and select the one you believe is best for you. When you come to the point where you?ve become skilled in dating, don't be surprised that you've become socially adept as well.

Dating, meeting, and getting to know more people can boost your confidence, that's why. So hit several birds with one stone - date, have fun, make friends, be more confident and find the mate perfect for you.

Your journey has only just begun!

This is the Book for you.

This Book Will Show You:

  1. How to bring out your fun and fabulous self

  2. Tips and Skills on how to captivate a man

  3. How to artfully master the intricacies of men

  4. The art of being prepared for men and dating

  5. How to distinguish who's hot and who's not

  6. The basics of man, and what you need to know

  7. How to get men hooked on your terms with ease

  8. The intricate secrets of seduction that never fail

Here's Proof in the Flesh!

Steve Harvey, the host of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show, can't count the number of impressive women he's met over the years, whether it's through the "Strawberry Letters" segment of his program or while on tour for his comedy shows. These are women who can run a small business, keep a household with three kids in tiptop shape, and chair a church group all at the same time.

Steve also talks about the fact that when it comes to relationships, they can't figure out what makes men tick. Why? Listen to his thoughts and find out!

Yes Ruth, I'm already convinced. Please give me the copy now!


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