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Flab & Fat Away
Sep 13 2010 23:55

Step-By-Step Guide to Being Healthy and Happy. Secrets to EASY Weight Loss Revealed by Dr. Rose Windale!

magine if you could:
  • Lose weight, eat healthy and enjoy it!
  • Love yourself and your body like never before!
  • Change your lifestyle! And enjoy its BENEFITS
  • Walk confident and feel confident.
  • Cruise your way to health, fitness and happiness
  • Do life-changing eating habits like a picnic
  • Be the person you always wanted to be!

Date: September 13, 2010
From The Desk Of: Dr. Rose Windale

Dear Friend,

"I look and feel horrible".

Is this what you always seem to say when you look at yourself in the mirror. It makes you unhappy doesn't it? The added padding where there shouldn't be. The bulging flesh over your pants. Simply put you're carrying too much baggage and you're unhappy.

This is what having a weight problem can do - cause you much

And not just unhappiness - it also causes you to have low self-esteem because you feel that you're not attractive as compared to everyone else. Who can blame you. After all in today's media inundated world the perfect figure can't be matched by a good majority of regular people out there - men or women. But yet we still try and that's why we are drowning in our own weight obsession frenzy!

And so what happens is not only are you carrying the actual physical burden you're also carrying the psychological burden of being heavy.

"So how do I get rid of the burden(s) and lose the weight", you ask?

To answer that you need to go on an effective and worthwhile weight loss journey.

You need to let go of all the unrealistic expectations you have of yourself so let go of the frustrations and negativity.

Trim down your thoughts before trimming down your waistline.

Flab and Fat Away guides you on a weight loss and weight management plan that will help you gain healthy self-esteem and the power to take control-- of your thoughts and your life and your weight.

This is what you've been waiting for. So no more diddle-daddling!

You too can achieve a body like this.

From flabby and floppy to fit and cheery

Flab and Fat Away is the Total Weight Loss Guide that cares for the Total You...

You've seen countless and countless of weight loss tips and techniques books, videos and courses out there. But did they ever feel like they're really reaching out to you? Did they see you as a person more capable than you feel and that you can really achieve the weight loss you really desire?

Flab and Fat Away sees you as a person who can have what you want and what you desire-- WEIGHT LOSS, HEALTH AND HAPPINESS.

Because Flab and Fat Away believes that this is what you deserve.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that this is a diet or diet plan. Rather it's a diet nutrition that calls for healthy eating as a way to lose weight.

This is what Flab and Fat Away is about-- helping you create a better YOU-- a person who can take control.

Flab and Fat Away is for you to become a person who can take control of your thoughts, your life, and your weight!

Health and happiness for the TOTAL YOU.

Weight Loss as it should be..more than it should be!
  1. You get to have an explosive start to your weight loss program that you'd only want to keep on going
  2. You get hold of a tool which keeps you motivated to stick to your diet and exercise plan
  3. Life-changing eating habits is not starvation or unnecessary fasting-- dieting is fun and filling
  4. Diet and meal-planning is hassle-free. You'll literally eat more to lose weight
  5. And exercise? It's cruisin' and groovin'-- you'll actually WANT to do it
  6. Know what exercise plan is best cut out for you- no dragging yourself to get physically rolling
  7. Boosting your metabolism is no sweat -- it's a blast doing it
  8. Losing weight is relaxation. Find out why stress would distress your weight loss plan
  9. Learn how to take control, and get what you want and what you desire
  10. Take the weight loss journey which takes you to your dream body and an all-embracing love for yourself
  11. Banish fat, low self-esteem and negative emotions
  12. Flab And Fat Away is a treasure trove. The more you dig, the more you'll find..

Flab And Fat Away is what you've been looking for.

Why is Flab and Fat Away the Weight Loss Guide you've been waiting for? And why won't you have regrets after taking on this weight loss "course"?


  1. Scientific research has shown eating the correct nutrients at the proper times creates a "thermic" fat burning effect which results in accelerated body slimming- Jason Hunter, Registered Dietitian.

Flab And Fat Away includes a 30- day healthy diet which doesn't make you feel like you're dieting at all. It's not a matter of depriving yourself or putting too much limitation on what you eat, but rather, its eating the right foods at the right time. You can have your fair and full share, yet you're losing weight.

Eat Nutrient- Rich Vegetables:

  1. Limit starchy vegetables like corn to increase fiber intake. Fiber fills you up and promotes colon health. It also takes more energy to digest fibrous vegetables. The higher serving of vegetables you consume, the more weight loss you achieve. - Jason Hunter Registered Dietitian

This is the fuss about fiber. Fiber is crucial to weight loss and optimal health. In Flab And Fat Away you enjoy an ample selection of fruits and veggies which promotes faster weight loss and cleans up your system.

  1. Interval Training is a favorite of coaches because of its effectiveness in "Cardiovascular" buildup and also its ability to make more well-rounded runners. More generally, it can refer to any cardiovascular workout (e.g. stationary biking, running, rowing, etc.) that involves brief bouts at near-maximum exertion interspersed with periods of low-intensity activity- Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia.

The exercise strategy which the canny in the fitness trade knows-- interval training. Interval training aids you in faster and better fat-burning, with no more of the effort you exert in your other exercise plans. Plus, you enjoy variation in your physical activity. Exercise is far from being boring!

  1. Relaxation recharges your mind and helps your body release accumulated stress. With this you help your body prevent different illnesses from developing. Thus relaxation is a vital part of weight loss because constant stress can create different health conditions leading to weight gain.

And we become tired we become disconnected with our inner selves and instinctively we tend to over eat. So if you want to succeed in weight loss take time to breathe, reconnect yourself (source:

Deal with stress and you enjoy health and well-being AND optimal benefits of your weight loss program. In Flab And Fat Away, you learn why relaxation is crucial to your weight loss. Not only will you have better focus, but your system works at its best, including your metabolism.

Stress causes your body to release hormones which promotes fat storage-- often in the abdomen. And more so, stress slows down your metabolism.

  1. Detoxification, or detox for short is the removal of toxic substances from the body. This is where you feel free from within. A feeling of inner lightness, this is what detoxification does to you. And Flab And Fat Away offers you a different approach of detoxification. A FRUIT THERAPY detoxification, along with a natural colon cleansing formula which flushes clogged muck from your bowels. You'd be surprised of how much "weight" is taken off from you!

And it is when you're detoxified that your weight loss efforts really become effective. If your body is toxic-laden, you store stubborn fat-- and it won't easily go away.
  1. EMOTIONAL EATING is when you're at your weakest point and your longing for food is at the strongest. Because you turn to food for comfort. This is where Flab And Fat Away comes in; You CAN regain control of your feelings!

Emotional Eating is eating for reasons other than hunger. It's literally feeding your feelings with food. You can get compulsive at this point- with eating. You may as well expect to gain weight with compulsive eating.

Flab And Fat Away helps in dealing with Emotional eating. You can take control of your feelings. Healthy feelings mean healthy eating habits.

Total weight loss success!

The Ultimate Formula

And this I have concocted with your best interest at heart!

Healthy food choices are by all means the vitals in your weight loss scheme. Along with the most suitable food preferences is your manner of eating-- its WHAT, WHEN AND HOW TO EAT.

You don't have to impose unnecessary suffering on yourself when dieting to lose weight. It's all in knowing the right dieting tricks.

Let your body go with the flow when losing weight.

For instance, STRESS puts strain on your system, and this literally messes up your metabolism. Doesn't it make sense that you let your body run smoothly for it to lose weight effectively?

You have to go with the grind, too- physically. BUT it doesn't mean that your work outs would be forced labor. You're working out with the utmost respect for your body, and NOT to torture it.

In the same manner, get rid of garbage which gets in the way of your system running how it should!

All systems go, and let your internal traffic run smoothly!

And more importantly, boost your MASTER CONTROL SYSTEM-- your mind power.

This is the POWER FORMULA in Flab and Fat Away. I encourage you to explore it.

Yes Rose, I'm already convinced. Give me a copy now


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