Global Anti-Poverty Initiative - Sep 15th 2019 10:55

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Global Anti-Poverty Initiative Program Programmatic Aspect 2010 Community Outreach and Building: -------------------------------- "Taking a Bite out of Hunger in City Schools" Global Anti-Poverty Initiative Program Global Anti-Poverty Initiative is an independent non-profit organization and an association for philanthropic endeavors through the Global MicroEmpowerment Initiative Program. One of the reasons for the initiative, as always is helping the children who can't help themselves. Please stay tuned as I will update here and everywhere, the plan I have for helping those who are already helping kids who simply do not have enough to eat at home, over the PM on Fri.-Sat.-Sun.- AM on Mon. week-end from K-6 schools; by funding a supply of back-packs; from which they can feed themselves simple self-serve foods. Yes, it happens, it is a reality. Thanks to you again and I hope that this initiative will also allow me to help with your efforts, We will piece the puzzles all together, we have the will power - more to come!!

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