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Our company provides a network marketing business with an attractive income package.

Greenfoot Global is the company behind the technology called EnviroTabs.

You may wonder "what is EnviroTabs?"

EnviroTabs Green Fuel Technology is based on research with combustion and burn rate modifiers catalysts both the aerospace industry in the fuel additive and industry.

The original technology won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1973.

Over the past 30 years, various blends of this product have been used in both large commercial and Government applications.

EnviroTabs is a conditioner designed specifically to improve the combustion of hydrocarbons.


In the middle of 2010 Greenfoot Global started a network marketing program as well to create a unique opportunity for the individual home based entrepreneur with the desire to capitalize on the exploding worldwide 'Green' movement.

01.07.2014 Companies EurasiaPro and Greenfoot Global have merged.

NEWAYS EURASIA now has the exclusive Network Marketing distribution rights to an EPA registered chemical company that is contracted to provide manufacturing of the Greenfoot product line.

Our manufacturer has been responsible for the development and scale-up of the chemical process technology used in the commercial production of several advanced energetic materials as well as numerous other green products.


Imagine the opportunity of being able to market a technology that virtually everyone would use and benefit from. A technology that actually saves people money on something they already spend money on each and every month anyway!

Retail Sales Opportunity:

Our product EnviroTabs, is a blockbuster in the making!

In fact, Envirotabs is a product which is at in the right place (green technology) and the right time (high gas prices) and is unique in the Network Marketing industry.

This product actually SAVES people money - that is, for every $20 they spend, they'll get about $50 in return.

Think about it:

how many network marketing products can claim that?

Online Marketing It’s the Future. 

Online marketing is here now, and this is a great ground-floor pre-launch MLM opportunity.

If you're new to online marketing, don't worry!

We'll help you step-by-step to get started with this explosive business and make sure you have fun with it along the way.


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Le fait qu'il s'agisse de technologie verte et donc écologique est un très bon atout pour moi
 - mclaire November 4th, 2012

Cornel is one who is part of a community of people who are interested in protecting the environment, a beautiful and enjoyable presentation on his site.
 - sihastru March 16th, 2012

Green Fuel Technologies with impact in emissions reduction and overall cost savings are promoted with open mind, determination and professionalism by those known as pioneers. Cornel Ionel proved to be one of these admirable few people who care about environment and their fellow ones. His excellent teamwork attitude, marketing expertise and constant endeavour for professional development are valuable assets in promoting and implementing green fuel technologies.
 - koson March 14th, 2012


Cornel Ionel
Madrid, Spain
An over achiever who is willing to continue to grow and learn from other professionals. View Profile

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NEWAYS EURASIA is a online business platform for selling EnviroTab. In our company can build your business and every day to see how it expands. It has become a giant wave, an opportunity for any entrepreneur. A profitable business for its two components, a product in great international demand and the profits from sales. While you're reading this news, somewhere in the world a new distributor is starting to develop your business as an independent distributor . Think you can get started today to change something in your life. This is your chance to participate in a revolutionary and explosive new Green Technology that will be delivered through the power of the Internet and the collective efforts of individuals. The reseller package is available and its free The Compensation Plan structure allows you to leverage your time and efforts by building a team of people who want more out of life! HOME BASED UNIQUE POWERFUL PRODUCT THAT SAVES THE CONSUMER MONEY! A PRODUCT THAT HELPS OUR PLANET! UNLIMITED TRAINING AND SUPPORT! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! WORK THE HOURS YOU WANT! GREAT TAX ADVANTAGES! LARGE INCOME POTENTIAL! A GREEN BUSINESS FOR EVERYONE! Join us now http://registration.newayseurasia.com/id/100200364