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Social Media Management Services

    * Social Media Presence - 300+ social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace),
    * Social Media Activities - Publish contents,
    * Social Media Monitoring - Monitor networking activities,
    * Social Media Advertising - like Facebook Ads Management

We work with small businesses and entrepreneurs helping them leverage social media in an easy and cost-effective way. Social Media is the next big transformation on the web. Some of the facts on social media thriving are:

    * 83% of Americans use online social networks
    * 78% of people trust what their social network says about a product or services and only 14% trust advertisements
    * Half a million people sign up for Facebook or MySpace every day and more

We provide Social Media Management Service. The approach is to have a wide and deep presence in social media by having close to 300 profiles registered in various social networks (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.), link them together and then have continuous publishing of on-demand/original as well as repurposed but relevant content into this "ecosystem".

We use SocialNetGate (www.socialnetgate.com) as a platform to do this. We have experience in developing a social media marketing plan, creating & managing social networks and profiles and other social media management activities. This is also helpful as a search engine optimizer.

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