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Multi-Pure's TO3000 (30,000 Gallon) Whole House Water Filter
Nov 25 2010 18:56

Whole House Water Treatment System. Chlorine, taste and odor treatment only. Corrosion resistant Polypropylene Housing Installed on main water supply. High flow design (approx. 6.5 gpm, max. 90 psi). Capacity of approx 30,000 gallons. Includes two additional replacement filters, a bracket, a bypass valve kit.




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TO30000 - Whole House Water Treatment

MP750SI - In-Line Application

The Multi-Pure Whole House Water Treatment System is designed to aesthetically improve the quality of the water used throughout your entire home by doing the following:

  • Providing cleaner, better smelling water for all household uses: bathing; showering; laundry; dishwashing, etc.
  • Providing clean, clear water at every tap and appliance through- out the home

  • Reducing bad tastes and odors.

  • Minimizing rust in the water and stains on fixtures and clothing.

  • Reducing dirt, algae, and large particulate matter.

  • Leaving in the healthful dissolved minerals

PRODUCT: TO30000 -- $695.95



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