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Aqua Life
Aug 1 2010 18:58

Aqua Life

?The smoothest water you have ever experienced?

Pure Clean Water from Air

?The smoothest water you have ever experienced?

Aqua Life International has a new, state-of-the-art, water-generating machine, the GV 11, which 
incorporates the latest and most sophisticated technology available in the industry to generate water 
from air. They have designed the Atmospheric Water Generator with one objective in mind, to 
produce the maximum amount of high quality drinking water while using a minimum amount of


    • Six (6) step SLO FLO? water & air filtration systems
    • Patented continual water recirculation filtration system (Ensures a zero bacteria count)
    • INSTA-HOT &  adjustable COLD water temperature
    • Child-proof hot water safety guard spigots
    • Built in ?Antibiotic Air-Filtration System? to purify incoming air flow
    • HYBRID Water Filtration capabilities enables an endless water supply
    • Automatic shut down & alarm systems detect any possible water leak
    • ULTRA-VIOLET (UV) indicator lights & auto shut down alarm in the event of UV failure
    • Easy read LCD picture function display
    • Simplified slide in filter change outs
    • Easy access control panel
    • Quick connect UV replacement bulbs
    • With external connection to city water, the machine will serve as a water purifier.
    • Certifications; FDA, CE, ETL (Edison Testing Laboratories, exceeds UL standards) & RoHS
  • Compliant?
    • *Features vary according to country spec requirements.


    • Produces water more pure than bottled water and less expensive (There is no need to 
  • continually buy bottled water when you can make your own)
    • Provides a safe, stable, and pure ongoing water supply (even in the event of natural disasters)
    • Purifies air in the home and office
    • Eliminates any bacteria, micro organisms & viruses
    • Draws moisture out of the air and condenses it to pure drinking water
    • Natural oxygen content
    • Atmospheric Water Production immediately eliminates dealing with 95% of contaminants 
  • and pharmaceuticals found in ground water