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Fathom Worldwide Video Conferencing
Jul 25 2010 13:56

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Fathom Worldwide Video Conferencing is wild this program is super 
neat. If you interest in a new way to communicate this is the way to 

Instant message during conference 
Conference from 11 different locations 
Cuts back on travel cost 
Communicates expression and emotion 
Up to 11 people communicating at the same time 
Only requires a Web Cam and the Fathom Worldwide Video Email system 

Fathom Includes: 

Unlimited video email monthly 
Unlimited Templates monthly: 
Two meeting/presentation rooms at your disposal 24/7 
One holds an unlimited number of attendees 
Up to three moderators (each has full duplex audio/video) 
The other room holds up to 12 participants and all have full duplex 
audio and video 
Both rooms have the ability to switch on the fly from video/PPT/and a 
white board 
Upload video's/ ppt 
Upload leads for V-mail campaigns 

check it out here: