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I, Georgia Jenkins, just joined this ApSense after being online in advertising for several years. My main efforts were in the "healthier products" industry, without notable success. Since then I have discovered the value of sharing your personality with others in hopes of having a friend first,and customer second. A couple of years ago, I joined a group know as Purple Cowboy Marketers or 997 Make Money Now. We aim to develop in each an understanding of basic marketing procedures and how to set up a website. Some are more adept at one aspect or another. For the present I have one "attraction" site out there. For more information about the individual products while you are investigating "tips" you can call skype me at georgia.jenkins . This site is, where you can investigate to your heart's content.

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Georgia Jenkins
Freeport, United States
Someone with goals and a strong desire to follow through. They are always continuously working towards their goals. View Profile
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If you want a shortcut to the group, just try For the major money-maker and consolidated site, which includes Clickbank products, check out Thank you for reading, and I hope to make your acquaintance. Georgia My home is in Freeport,IL. U.S.A.