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Ebook that might be Needed by Affiliate Marketer
Mar 7 2012 11:44

PPC Campaign Calculator

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This calculator is a simple tool that provides powerful information. Basically, it helps you work out the profit potential of any pay-per-click advertising campaign where you’re getting paid per sale or per lead. By filling in a few form fields, it will quickly calculate the estimated number of sales and total income you’ll make, the total amount you’ll spend on advertising, the total profit (or loss) you’ll experience, the total profit (or loss) per click, and the total percentage of profit per click.

Beginners Guide To Micro Niches With MRR

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Can you imagine running a profitable website, making money day after day, by focusing on a very narrow segment of the online population? That’s not a fanciful dream. There are people right now making good money selling resources to niches so small that you haven’t even heard of them. Not only will you be able to learn all there is to know about profitable Micro Niches, but we’re including Master Resale Rights too!

Instant Ways To Monetize Your Blog

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Enhance Your Opportunities, Learn how to monetize your blog and reap the rewards of your skills. Benefit From Your Talent. Get Your Due Credit. Provide Your Skills A Platform To Shine. According to income diary, Weblogs Inc (which is a top blogging network) earns $30 million a month from 13 million unique visitors. The Huffington Post and Mashable are two other examples, earning about $2 million and $500,000, respectively. However, as great as this platform is, you need to have adequate knowledge and be up-to-date and adept with various techniques of monetizing it. The amount of web traffic that your blog attracts isn’t necessarily proportional to the monetary benefit that you derive from it. It is important to have the knowledge and understanding of certain tips and pointers, which can help you enhance your gains..

Super Affiliate Evolution

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If you’ve been trying to make sense of this whole “online business” thing or you just want to increase your cashflow than this for you! Start learning from a complete arsenal of fail-proof affiliate blueprints on how to make a six figure income online.

Internet Marketing Kickstart

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How To Succeed In Your First Year of Internet Marketing So You Don’t Make Silly Mistakes And Start Making Money Right Away. You Too Can Make A Full-Time Income Online…But Only If You Know These Secrets.

Twitter Basics For Internet Marketers

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Discover How To Unleash The Power of Twitter To Market and Grow Your Online Business… Even If You Know Absolutely Nothing About It. Twitter is great for internet marketers – yet most people use it in completely the wrong way and end up doing more harm than good, learn how to finally use twitter the right way.

Joint Venture Revealed

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How to get boat loads of secret alliances to generate skyrocketing business revenues, successfully launching all your business to rake in huge profits and build long term business relationships.

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Ping Monster Automation Software

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Get More Link Juice By Getting Your Backlinks Indexed Faster

Ping Monster is a bulk backlink pinging sofware that will help you by forcing all the major search engines and directories to notice your websites/blogs,
Getting them indexed at an incredible rate, driving heavy traffic to your website, Fully Automatic.

Insert your URLs, hit the start button … that’s it, the rest is handled by Ping Monster
Put Your Backlink Indexing On Autopilot.

Heres what are you getting ..
-Ping Monster
-Free Updates for Life
-Outstanding Customer Support

Traffic Dashboard

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A complete traffic system for getting 3,000 subscribers over the next 30 days. The ‘Traffic Dashboard’ is a one-of-a-kind traffic platform that shows you how to point-and-click your way to increased traffic.
The ‘Traffic Dashboard’ has already been promoted by top marketers like Lee McIntyre, Maria Gudelis, Sean Donahoe, and Jit Uppal.