The pain of high prices can be a great opportunity. - Jan 16th 2022 04:43

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Regardless of financial situation or occupation, and regardless of the cost, people MUST BUY FUEL.

The pain of high prices can be a great opportunity.

By partnering with Syntek Global, you can personally provide a way to ease that pain. You have the tools to save people a good amount of money on their vehicle expenses and give many the opportunity to make the extra money we all need. In fact, people actually make money just by using XFT.

Did you know that countries all over the world have pledged to reduce emissions anywhere from 15%- 70% by the year 2020? How will they do this? They have no idea! XFT reduces emissions by about 1/3. Some tests show even more reduction than that. XFT is a simple, effective, immediate answer to this problem. And it actually costs you less to use this product, than not to.

Talk about a wide-open opportunity!

Its simple to become a Distributor. It takes about 20 minutes, and by the time you are done you will have everything you need to start earning an income with Syntek Global. We create your website for you, we take the orders, process the credit card payment, ship the products, and even handle customer service. Your part is to spread the word about this amazing product and send people to your website to purchase the products and start saving money. As a Syntek Global distributor, you will earn money every time someone makes a purchase.

But it goes beyond just earning a sales commission. Syntek Global gives you the ability to grow a sales team and earn an override on all the sales from the people in your team. As your team grows, so will your paycheck.

Syntek Global pays our Distributors in many different ways, including Direct Sales Commissions, Team Sales Commissions, Check Matching Commissions, and a number of other incredible bonuses. If you can see the potential, and you are personally driven, we would love to have you as a part of our Syntek family. All of our sales and team growth happens through one of our Syntek Global Distributors. If you are already in contact with one of our Distributors, you can contact that person for more information, or to join the team. If you are not already in contact with a Distributor, we would be happy to connect you to someone in your area.

You will be provided with sales training, team-building training, tools, the website and everything else you need to jump start your own Syntek Global business. We look forward to working with you.

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Achieving dreams, it's what Syntek Global was founded for. Syntek Global was created to be a company for EVERYONE and is committed to providing a way for those that want to, to commit to their dreams and achieve their goals. This means that our success is directly related to the success of our distributors. So our main focus is giving our distributors the best products and being the type of company leadership that understands that if they succeed...we succeed. Corporate Overview Syntek was founded in 2008, and since that time we have seen tremendous progress through the release of our inaugural product, Xtreme Fuel Treatment. We are financially strong and have very positive expectations for the future of our company, and we have good reason to. We are perfectly positioned for the explosive growth that weve already been seeing for some time. We have the staff, the facilities, the suppliers, and strong committed leaders with the passion for helping other people achieve their dreams! Syntek Global is growing at an amazing pace. We are thrilled by the success of so many of our distributors. We understand the reason is because we offer what is so hard to find...a way to make a meaningful income by saving people money, not asking them to spend more. We sell world-class products while leveraging the strength of a one-of-a-kind compensation plan that has proven itself to be both lucrative and stable. And perhaps most importantly, we have something the EVERYONE needs. EVERYONE drives and uses fuel, EVERYONE likes to save money, and EVERYONE needs the opportunity to make their dreams become a reality. Mission Statement Our mission is to enhance lives by enabling individuals to experience their personal definition of success through world class support, industry leading products, and cutting edge systems that will bring optimal results. At Syntek Global success is a choice. Period.